‘BB19’ Spoilers: Christmas Abbott, Paul Abrahamian Have New Plan For Final Four Ahead Of Week 10 Veto Results

BB19 spoilers from the weekend will soon include the Week 10 Veto results. First, though, Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian have come up with a new plan for how they see the final four this season. The BB19 cast is down to just seven people competing for the $500,000 this summer and news about who won the HOH this week could slim that down even further.

Prior BB19 spoilers that have come out on the CBS live feeds showed that Christmas Abbott is the Head of Household this week thanks to some unique planning by Paul Abrahamian. Somehow, Paul was able to convince everyone else to throw an important HOH Competition, allowing Christmas to win it. Now someone who has a cast on her foot is in control of the game (again).

Chatting in the HOH room, Christmas and Paul already decided who they want to go home this week and it is Jason Dent. Their hope is to have either Josh Martinez or Raven Walton win the next HOH Competition and send Alex Ow to be a member of the BB19 jury. Following the destruction of another showmance, Christmas and Paul have altered their plan to get Raven out at the final five. After that, they feel it would be very easy to evict Kevin Schlehuber, leaving Josh, Christmas, and Paul as the final three.

There is a lot that has to take place for these BB19 spoilers to become a reality, but if the way Paul Abrahamian convinced Alex Ow to throw the latest HOH Competition is evidence of what the future holds, then they might face very little resistance. That would actually be a really boring final three weeks to Big Brother 19 for many fans, especially those that have subscribed to the live feeds in order to keep up with the houseguests. What the show could really use is another twist to shake things up.

One additional piece of information important to these latest BB19 spoilers is that Paul is also going to make a final two deal with Alex. This is what he told Christmas, who is willing to take the blame for evicting Jason Dent this week in order to quell Alex’s temper. It’s another strategy to manipulate the rest of the BB19 house and it shows how easy it has become for Paul to convince other people that he is working in their best interests.

At some point on Saturday (September 2) the Veto Competition will take place, with Jason Dent and Alex Ow each needing to win the Power of Veto in order to guarantee their safety in the game. Then the stage will be set for the September 7 eviction ceremony, where another duo is going to get broken up by Paul Abrahamian. These means more BB19 spoilers will hit the net before the end of the day.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]