Denver Mom Takes Gun To School To Confront Daughter’s ‘Bullies’ Allegations

Denver, CO – Monica Avila, 34, allegedly took a gun to school to confront the young teen girls she believes were bullying her daughter. The Colorado mom was charges with four felony counts of menacing and one count of possession or a firearm on school grounds. The incident reportedly took place at the Lake Middle School parking lot, CBS News reports.

Police documents reportedly note that Avila drove into the parking lot and confronted four girls, aged 13 and 14, who attend Lake Middle School. The Denver mom allegedly began arguing with the teenage girls bullying her daughter. While still sitting in her vehicle, Monica Avila supposedly pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and said, “Look what I have,” Fox 31 Denver notes.

The teens accused of behaving like Mean Girls by Monica Avila reportedly feared for their lives and quickly backed away from their classmate’s mother. After reaching a safe area, the teens told school staff what had happened, and law enforcement was alerted.

Avila is reportedly still in jail and being held on $50,000 bail.

District Attorney’s office representative Lynn Kimbrough had this to say about the Denver mom who took a gun to school:

“The charges allege that Avila confronted several students in the parking lot of a Denver middle school last week and pulled out a handgun during the confrontation. She was arrested nearby a short time later.”

When Denver police officers caught up with Avila, she was reportedly sitting inside her Jeep Grand Cherokee with two other passengers. The alleged armed parental intervention allegations will be reviewed by a judge on Thursday.