‘BB19’ Live Feed Updates: Did Houseguests Throw HOH Competition To One Player After Ordered To Do So By Paul?

After live feed updates revealed which houseguest won the most recent Big Brother 19 Head of Household (HOH) competition, it was clear to most that all or a majority of the players threw the competition in order to ensure Paul Abrahamian’s desires would be fulfilled.

The competition, “Ready, Set, Woah,” has been a staple of Big Brother’s in recent years, in one variation or another, and requires cast members to prepare to run to the end of a designated lane when the word “Go” appears in front of them. At the end of each player’s lane is a button, thus, the player who presses the button last is eliminated. A player can also be ousted from the challenge if he or she begins to run when a trick word other than “Go” is used, such as “Snow” or “No.” This is considered a default and also results in elimination. The last person standing then becomes the new HOH.

Surprisingly enough, the person who literally cannot physically run due to sustaining a broken foot near the beginning of Big Brother 19 while roughhousing in the backyard is now HOH, winning the competition over all of her other able-footed houseguests. Christmas Abbott is proudly wearing the HOH crown and her win seems to have been orchestrated at the behest of veteran Big Brother player, Paul.

Paul was heard on BB19 live feeds after the competition took place, reiterating to various houseguests that he firmly told Kevin Schlehuber before the challenge that if he did not throw the challenge, Paul would go for the win and Kevin will be taken out of the game, according to RHAP’s most recent live feed update.

After being threatened with eviction, Kevin agreed to do Paul’s bidding. RHAP notes that Kevin did not want to do throw the competition and spoke to live feed watchers prior to the challenge saying he was not going to go through with it. Obviously, Paul’s threat was enough to change Kevin’s mind.

This likely means that all other houseguests complied with Paul’s scheme, presumably by defaulting during the challenge.

According to RHAP, Paul is currently controlling future game play by determining who will be the next HOH.

Little do the Big Brother 19 houseguests know, there will be another double eviction during Thursday night’s live show. This could throw a wrench into Paul’s plans, especially if Kevin were to garner power and defy an order from the seasoned player.

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