LPBW: Tori Roloff Shares Then-And-Now Photo, Matt Prays For Texas, And Audrey Officially Launches Baby Onesies

The Little People, Big World cast has been pretty busy in the past several weeks and things are not likely to settle down with a new baby Roloff on the way. While the Roloff family is eagerly waiting for the birth of Audrey and Jeremy’s daughter, they still got time to share some of their most beloved memories, prayers, and even business ventures with their fans.

Tori recently posted a then-and-now photo on her social media account showing one particular and beautiful change that happened in their lives in the past three years. The “then” in the then-and-now photo is a romantic shot of Tori and Zach sharing a kiss taken three years ago. The “now” photo shows the couple on the same spot but this time with little Baby Jackson on Zach’s lap.

In the “Flashback Friday” photo, Tori and Zach are facing each other as they kiss, which suggests they are focused on each other. The updated photo shows Tori and Zach looking at Jackson as if saying the baby is now the center of their world. Adoringly, Baby J is staring right back at them.

“It’s so crazy to see where we were almost three years ago and where we are now.”

“I would trade my days for nothing. We have brought the most perfect little boy into the world and I’m so thankful to share this life with my babe uh!,” Tori shared.

Matt, the Little People, Big World patriarch, recently shared his concerns for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. In a Facebook post, Matt expressed his hopes that the country “can pull together to provide help and relief” to all those affected by one of the most horrifying natural disasters in recent memory.


“I’m praying tonight for all the people in Texas and Louisiana that are effected [sic] by these terrible storms,” Matt shared.

“My heart hurts for the families that have lost lives in this tragedy”

Matt also expressed his desire to help out in any way he can. He said that the Roloff family “will find ways to help in the recovery and rebuilding effort.”

Perhaps the biggest thing happening with the Roloff family right now is the upcoming birth of Audrey and Jeremy’s daughter. After the wedding of Molly Jo early last month, which saw Matt and Amy become the busiest parents of the bride, the Roloffs are now awaiting for their baby girl. The baby was due yesterday, as Audrey related on her Instagram account, and there is a chance that she may have to induce labor.


Despite “carrying this bump of love for 9 months,” Audrey still found the time to take care of business. Her Always More brand baby onesies were officially launched yesterday in her shop.

“In honor of my due date… all the baby onesie designs, styles, colors, and sizes are now officially launched,” Audrey wrote on Facebook.

The excited mom-to-be, who has packed everything she’ll need, has already indicated that the birth of her daughter will be off limits to Little People, Big World cameras.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]

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