‘Y&R’ Spoilers: Nikki Warns Jack, Hilary Taunts Mariah – Will Phyllis Use Pregnancy To Keep Billy?

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for Friday, September 1, and the week of September 4, tease that the conflict between the Abbott brothers, Jack and Billy, escalates with consequences for others in Genoa City.

Victoria Complains To Nikki About Jack And Phyllis

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) informs Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) that she believes Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and Jack (Peter Bergman) are working together to destroy Brash & Sassy. She also tells Nikki she believes it was Phyllis who pointed Ben Hochman (Ben Hermes) in her direction.

Nikki Warns Jack

Nikki confronts Jack over Victoria’s allegations. Jack denies having any plans to ruin Brash & Sassy. He also denies having colluded with Phyllis to ruin Victoria’s company. However, Nikki warns Jack that she will end her relationship with him if it turns out that he has been plotting against Victoria.

Jack Confronts Phyllis

Jack confronts Phyllis and accuses her of leaking Jabot secrets to Billy (Jason Thompson). Phyllis, of course, denies the allegation. She is not aware that Billy accessed Jabot servers on her laptop using Dina’s (Marla Adams) password the last time he spent the evening at her house.

Billy and Victoria Fight Back

Billy decides on a strategy to fight back against Jack. He hires temporary employees to distribute Fenmore’s gift cards, which can only be used for Brash & Sassy’s product lines. He pays for the gift cards with his own money.

Victoria And Phyllis Fight Over Billy

Y&R spoilers for Friday, September 1 tease that Phyllis and Victoria have a physical confrontation in an elevator. Victoria is an ugly mood after learning that it was Phyllis who set up her fling with Ben Hochman (Ben Hermes). Victoria apparently finds it convenient to blame Phyllis for her indiscretions with Ben. Although it is true that it was Phyllis who pointed Ben in Victoria’s direction, Victoria needs to be honest with herself and admit the fact that Phyllis cannot be held personally responsible for her bad decisions.

Will Phyllis Use Pregnancy To Hold Billy?

Although the elevator confrontation between Phyllis and Victoria stems directly from Victoria’s affair with Ben Hochman, Y&R fans know that Billy is the ultimate cause of their rivalry. Y&R buzz and rumors suggest that Phyllis may try to hold on to Billy by getting pregnant with Billy’s baby.

Hilary Taunts Mariah

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers tease that Hilary (Mishael Morgan) taunts Mariah (Camryn Grimes) by apologizing that she ruined Mariah’s date with Devon (Bryton James). Hilary tells Mariah that she ruined her date by taking up Devon’s time at the club. Hilary’s insincere apology is meant to hurt Mariah by letting her know that she has been spending time with her boyfriend.

Y&R fans know that Devon is Hilary’s ex-husband and that since Hilary broke up with Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood), she has been trying to break up Mariah’s relationship with Devon because she wants to reconnect with her ex.

Later, Mariah confronts Devon and accuses him of trying to revive his relationship with Hilary. Although Devon admits that he left early because Hilary called, he tries to reassure Mariah that he is not interested in getting back with Hilary.

Y&R spoilers tease that despite Devon’s assurances, his relationship with Mariah is heading for the rocks. The two will soon break up.

Sharon and Scott Pay Alice A Visit

After obtaining her address, Scott (Daniel Hall) and Sharon (Sharon Case) try unsuccessfully to see Alice (Tamara Clatterbuck) at her home. Sharon suspects that Alice is linked with the sex ring operating in Genoa City. She was able to recruit Scott to assist her investigations. She is hoping to obtain information that could help her rescue Crystal (Morgan Obenreder) and evidence that Alice is linked with the sex trafficking operation in Genoa City.

Meanwhile, Zack (Ryan Ashton) and Tessa run into each other at the coffee house and Zack wonders whether she has been in touch with Crystal lately. As Zack and Tessa chat, Alice sends Zack a text message warning him about Crystal, nicknamed the “Rainbow Girl.” The text warns Zack that Crystal has been giving the sex ring problems lately and that he must attend to the issue.

Cane Receives Unexpected News

Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of September 4 tease that Cane receives unexpected news. The news probably has to do with Juliet’s (Laur Allen) baby. Doctors suspect that the baby might have inherited cystic fibrosis from the parents. Although fans have been speculating that the surprise could be DNA test results that show the baby is not Cane’s, Y&R spoilers indicate that Cane and Juliet will continue to bond as they expect their baby.

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