Michelle Carter’s Defense Files A Notice Of Appeal In Texting Suicide Case

Michelle Carter was recently convicted of convincing her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself, but she is now filing an appeal in the case after receiving an involuntary manslaughter conviction. Attorneys for Michelle Carter have notified the court and prosecutors in writing that they will be appealing this case. The Boston Herald shared the details about what is going on in this case.

This notice of appeal was filed yesterday. Basically, this means they let the courts know that an appeal is coming, but they are still working on it. Michelle Carter was sentenced to 15 months in jail for her part in her boyfriend’s suicide. Conrad Roy III died back in 2014 after Michelle was texting him and pushing him to go through with his plans. He filled his truck with carbon monoxide fumes but then got out of the truck. Michelle helped to convince him to get back inside, which ended up resulting in his death.

Michelle Carter is set to serve 15 months, but she is able to stay out of jail until all of her appeals are exhausted. She originally got two and a half years in jail, but it was later changed to 15 months. She also received five years of probation as well. It sounds like Michelle won’t be going to jail for a while considering that they are going to appeal.

The Inquisitr shared that Michelle Carter had an odd request at Conrad Roy’s funeral that surprised his family. They didn’t really know who she was at that time, and she wanted some of Conrad’s ashes and a few things from his room. The family saw this all as very odd. His aunt explained that they felt like this was odd, but now that they know everything, they feel like Michelle caused his death. The family never said if they gave her any of the items she requested.

Are you shocked to hear that Michelle Carter will be filing an appeal in this case? Do you think there is any way that she will get out of jail? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Matt West/The Boston Herald/AP Images]