‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco-Jason Obsession Finally Explained – Explosive ‘GH’ Return For Burton

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Steve Burton’s return has forced the writers to dig deep into GH history, particularly when it comes to Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). There are two mysteries tied to Burton’s return — one to do with the original Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and one to do with the man we once knew as Jake Doe (Billy Miller) — and at least one is linked to Franco. It will be nine exhausting months of questions and revelations before the “real” Jason is identified. Buckle your seat belts for a bumpy ride into Franco and Jason’s tangled history starting today and blowing up as Burton returns in two weeks.

The painting is everything

GH spoilers indicate the painting Franco made of him and his imaginary friend is key. Franco told Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) that he had an imaginary friend growing up that helped him. We will soon find out that his friend was not so imaginary, but Franco’s brain was addled by a tumor that blocked his memories. The tumor also made Franco a psycho, and it means a lot that Jason (then Steve Burton) was the object of Franco’s obsession. The writers are using that bit of history to tether new Jason to old Jason and one of them to Franco. Look for violent confrontations ahead.

The long-standing General Hospital origin story for Jason Morgan is that he was born to Susan Moore in a New York City hospital and was raised by Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) for almost two years before his mom was murdered. After that, Jason wound up in the Quartermaine household, with Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) raising him as her own. Franco was raised by an adoptive mother, Betsy Frank, and should have had no overlap with Jason Morgan. However, there is a second Jason (Billy Miller) whose origin story is completely unknown, assuming he’s not the original Jason Q.

Which Jason was the target of Franco’s obsession?

One of the Jasons, either Miller or Burton, has an unknown backstory, and it seems that is what the writers will tinker with it while exploring this story. From the moment Burton comes back to Port Charles with a different name, his face will be the issue. The writers and Frank Valentini revealed that everyone would react to seeing Jason’s old face so that they will jump into this right away. There are a few options. Either Miller never looked like Jason and Spinelli’s program was flawed — or they’re twins — or they’re random strangers who happened to have once been identical. But, come on, two people with the same face must be a twin twist, or a clone — or something to explain how they were once carbon copies of each other.

General Hospital spoilers say Franco’s obsession with Jason goes back to his childhood imaginary friend. One of them was in Franco’s life. It was clearly not the Jason who was raised by Monica. Since Monica got Jason Q at a very young age, that doesn’t align with the two boys in the painting. Those kids look young, likely 3 or 4, and would have to be at least that age for Franco to have memories. Plus, Franco found the photos of him and another child who was about that age. Jason Q was with Monica and Alan by then, so that must be the other guy — the Jake Doe guy.

Susan Moore’s twin birth true, but Heather still lied?

Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) said Susan had twins, and one was sold. She said the other twin was Franco, but that was a lie. However, the twin birth and one being stolen or sold might be true. General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint that if one was sold, one could be Jake Doe. The sticking point is that former Jake Doe has memories of Sam. If he’s not the real Jason, how is that possible? Remember Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) is a master hypnotist.

They could make Miller a fake Jason and use Faison as the key to explaining the memories in his head. Faison could have hypnotized Jason (Burton) to reveal memories, then hypnotized Jake (Miller) to implant memories. Curses are not real, and there’s no magic in this world, so there must be a rational explanation — even if it’s far-fetched — to explain Jake Doe having Jason’s memories. Jason being shot is the launch pad for this story. We’ll know more soon when Jason’s surgery is rumored to reveal an inconsistency in his identity. If they’re leaving Miller as Jason, the surgery and medical tests should raise no concerns. If issues do crop up, watch out!

Brace yourself for the inevitable reveal

GH spoilers from Blasting News stated that bringing Steve Burton back as Jason Morgan was not fair to Billy Miller. Plus, fan emotions are running high, with clear divisions of Team Miller versus Team Burton. No matter what General Hospital writers do, one faction will be displeased because both actors can’t be Jason Morgan. But consider this: Billy Miller will not be harmed even if he’s relegated back to Jake Doe status upon Burton’s return. Soap fans have deep emotional attachments to their favorite characters, but for the actors, this is a job. That’s the business of show business.

Biller Miller signed a renewal contract with GH knowing his character could shift. No matter who he plays, a paycheck is a paycheck. Miller is talented and will do well with any role, whether it’s Jason, Jake Doe, or Franco’s imaginary friend. The same goes for Burton. He’s getting a paycheck whether he’s the “real” Jason or not. General Hospital is taking a big risk bringing back Burton. They could alienate half their fans if they don’t make Burton the old Jason and half if they do. And bringing Franco into the story is yet another risk given the past Sam rape story.

A well-crafted story could unite fans, but a poorly written one could kill ratings. Which one will it be? We’ll have to wait and see. Check back for more on Dillon’s coming exit, the reveal of Nelle’s (allegedly) murderous past, Griffin and Ava getting closer, Kristina and Valerie’s kiss, and other fresh General Hospital spoilers.

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