‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin Refuses Ava’s Rejection – Hospital Crisis Pushes Them Closer

General Hospital spoilers promise this week Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) continues his campaign to pull Ava Jerome (Maura West) out of her funk. He wants her to recover and resume life in Port Charles society but Ava fights him every step of the way. To make thing worse, she’s fantasizing about him, and her feelings inspire her to reject his help at every turn. Griffin will soon turn the tables on Ava and force her to see herself in a new light – which opens the door to romance.

Griffin’s dedication to his patients impresses Ava

GH spoilers say Ava already sees Griffin as a saint and that will intensify this week when she meets one of his patients, Marisol (Kayla Torres). You might remember Marisol as the critical ill young patient whom Griffin refused to abandon during the General Hospital bomb crisis. Griffin put his life on the line to stay with her and wouldn’t leave the building until he guaranteed Marisol’s safety. And that was right after Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) tied him up and tormented him.

On Thursday, August 31, Griffin must deal with Marisol and her parents, played by Ray Herrera and Carmen Rojas, and draws Ava into the drama. Ava is feeling pretty sorry for herself, but Griffin wants her to realize she’s lucky to be alive and embrace life, no matter that she must do it with a scarred face. General Hospital spoilers hint that Marisol is fighting for her life, and Griffin embroils Ava in the drama with his young patient. The fake Ava-Griffin kiss from the GH promo will soon become very real.

Ava comforts Marisol – Griffin sees her beauty

On Monday, August 28, GH spoilers from Soap Central say that Ava can’t get hunky Griffin off her mind. She fantasizes about him again, and every time Ava pictures herself with the handsome seemingly-perfect doc, it reminds her how scarred and imperfect she is now. Ava withdraws from Griffin because she doesn’t want to be tempted by what she cannot have and because she now feels ugly, inside and out. Griffin will soon change her perception of herself. But can Ava resist the lure of what Valentin offered?

On Thursday, August 31, General Hospital spoilers predict that Griffin must deal with a crisis with Marisol, and Ava is pulled in and gets involved. Ava winds up comforting the young woman and helping Griffin see his patient through a dilemma. This allows Ava to see herself in a new light, and Griffin to confirm that his instincts were right and there’s more to Ava than meets the eye. He’s trying to make her see that her scars don’t matter, and she can be a beautiful person even though she’s flawed.

Griffin should hate Ava, but he’s falling for her

GH history tells us that Griffin should want to be far away from Ava. Her brother Julian Jerome (William deVry) killed Griffin’s father Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan), and then Ava’s sister Liv tormented Griffin trying to raise Duke from the dead. The former priest knows that Ava’s family is responsible for the misery in his past, but he doesn’t hold that against the former lady mob boss. And, truth be told, GH fans know that Griffin is drawn to very bad girls.

Remember, Claudette (Bree Williamson) got him to break his priestly vows to commit adultery with her. Then he got shot as a result, yet he was still drawn to her. If Claudette stuck around Port Charles, she and Griffin might be a couple today. But with Claudette gone, Griffin needs a new bad girl in his life and Ava will fill that role. General Hospital fans are divided on the new romance, but like it or not, it’s happening. It’s obvious it won’t be too long before scarred Ava and gorgeous Griffin get romantic.

What do you think about this pairing? Do you like the obvious chemistry between the hottie priest and the crispy mobstress? Check back often for more spoilers including info on the return of Bradford Anderson, the upcoming romance between Valerie and Kristina, and the surgery shocker that sets the stage for Steve Burton’s return. Come back soon for more General Hospital spoilers.

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