‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: ‘OLTL’ Todd Manning Returns – Jake Doe’s True Identity If Burton Is Real Jason?

General Hospital spoilers tease that a big shocker is coming, and it could involve a One Life to Live character crossover. GH rumors have it that Todd Manning (formerly Roger Howarth) is Jake Doe’s (Billy Miller) real identity. This convoluted plot has already begun and will stun GH viewers if the rumors come true that have surfaced online. This ties Miller’s Doe to Howarth’s Franco in a bizarre twist of fate that may send many General Hospital fans reeling.

Franco’s tie to Miller’s character

The recent GH plot of Franco and the painting of the two boys is obviously linked to the return of Steve Burton, but it seems very doubtful that the writers would make Franco and Jason twins. It also seems very unlikely that Burton won’t be Jason. The powers that be (TPTB) at General Hospital have invested heavily in Burton’s return, and there’s little doubt he will be Stone Cold once again.

Hardcore Jason Morgan fans who see Steve Burton as the “real” Jason also will not accept any ties between Franco and Jason given their explosive history. By bringing back Burton with a reveal in a few months that he’s really Jason, they force an alternate history for Miller’s Jake Doe. They can’t leave him as anonymous nobody Jake, so it seems likely that he’s the guy in the painting with Franco.

One Life to Live crossover coming?

There’s also the fact that ABC has the rights back to OLTL and AMC characters, and General Hospital spoilers promised to bring some of them back. Soap Hub reported that producer Nathan Varni said that ABC was “elated” to regain the character rights and would use them in the “right way” but would be “taking our time” before bringing some back to ensure they’re “respecting the characters.”

GH viewers might remember that Roger Howarth first came to GH as Todd Manning, a reformed bad guy from Llanview. Things later got messy, the Prospect Park lawsuit kicked off, and Todd fell back into Llanview thanks to a brief OLTL reboot, then was gone for good. Manning had a twin named Victor Lord Jr., played by another actor and Victor wound up shot dead shortly after finding out his identity.

Could Miller be Todd Manning or Victor Lord Jr.?

General Hospital spoilers show us that death is rarely a fatal condition on ABC soaps. That means Billy Miller could find out he’s not Jason Morgan, then could find out he has a tie to Franco, and it could come out that he’s either Todd Manning or (maybe not dead) Victor Lord Jr. Of course, GH might make him a previously unknown twin to Franco that’s an entirely new character.

However, GH will try to come up with a storyline for Miller that doesn’t infuriate his followers. Miller has a load of fans that see him as the “real” Jason, and the soap went through a lot of steps to prove he was. Unraveling all that will make some angry. Then there are the fans who are hardcore Burton champions and see him as the “real” Stone Cold. GH will try and satisfy both factions, and that will be a challenge.

General Hospital writers try to keep fans happy with OLTL?

It could be that GH showrunners hope that by making Miller a character from One Life to Live that they could keep Miller fans happy while also giving Burton fans a thrill by reinstating him as Jason Morgan. Frank Valentini told TV Line that “[n]o one has guessed right” about what they’re planning for Burton’s return, and the majority of theories have centered around two Jasons and a twin twist.

However, none of the big soap blogs have floated the General Hospital spoilers theory that Miller will be another character that has nothing to do with Jason. What do you think? Is GH going to write Miller as Todd Manning or Victor Lord Jr.? It seems clear he’ll also be Franco’s “imaginary” friend from the painting, whoever that is, but it could be that a shocking GH/OLTL crossover is coming soon.

Check back for updates on emerging stories of Griffin and Ava’s blossoming romance, the rumor that Spinelli might be back to stay, and more on that steamy lip lock between Valerie and Kristina. More General Hospital spoilers and news are coming soon.

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