‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Alex-Jason Week 10 Blindside Coming – ‘BB19’ House Targets Power Duo

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds overnight show a massive blindside is brewing that will start in week 10. Power couple Jason and Alex are about to find themselves the target of the entire house and have no idea what’s coming for them. As usual, all of the scheming was masterminded by Paul, and he’s sent his minions out to do his dirty work.

Kevin’s attacks are a distraction from the real target

In another BB19 master move, Paul has encouraged Alex to aggressively harass Kevin so that he’s her primary target going into week 10. Meanwhile, Paul continues to groom Kevin and convince him not to confront Alex about her antics and reminds him he’s safe next week. What’s more is that the house is conspiring to throw the HoH comp to Christmas who plans to put Jason and Alex on the block together.

Meanwhile, Alex assumes because of the anti-Kevin atmosphere in the house, that she and Jason are safe and that Kevin plus a pawn will be on the block come Friday. Raven has agreed to throw the comp (not that she has a serious shot at winning) and, shockingly, Alex not only agreed to throw the HoH comp but also said she would go on the block as a pawn next to Kevin, says an article by Big Brother Network.


Matt assured of eviction thanks to penalties

Big Brother 19 spoilers also say next week’s targets, Jason and Alex, have been thoroughly distracted by Matt’s antics. In his eleventh hour in the game, certain of his week nine eviction, Matt suddenly found his voice and decided to use it against Big Brother production. After going off on Jason over nominations and veto, Matt turned his increasingly loud voice on the voice that admonishes houseguests.

An acknowledged cereal addict, Matt has been going to town on his favorite stuff even though he’s a Have Not this week. He’s also taking hot showers and sleeping in a regular bed. Big Brother continues to chastise Matt with repeated warnings to “stop that” but he hasn’t stopped and at one point told BB “F*** you.” At 6 p.m. on Monday, Matt was officially slapped with a penalty vote for his antics, but he persisted.

Kevin feels the burn but won’t reach the block

Although Kevin is having a rough week in the house, Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds reveal he’s not a target and should be safe unless Alex violates her vow to throw the HoH comp and takes control of the house. Jason can’t play in HoH, and both feel they’re sitting pretty. Alex has been very aggressive with Kevin, even throwing out the slop so he couldn’t eat as a Have Not. The rest of the house piled on and Kevin is frustrated.

However, Jason defied Alex’s orders and showed Kevin how to make slop. Paul also helped out Kevin by talking him down and cooking for him. The whole house now knows Kevin took the $25k, but he continues to deny it. On Tuesday, Alex made crazy accusations on the live feeds saying Kevin lied about his family and is a killer. Paul told Alex they’ll clip Kevin then Raven and she’s so worked up, she bought it completely. Kevin is in a good position, but he doesn’t like the bullying targeted at him.

Josh gets a clue then ignores it

Also of interest is that Josh finally gained some insight into Paul’s game but then dismissed his concerns. If you flashback on the live feeds to Monday night at 11:50 p.m., you can hear Josh worrying that Paul is making side alliances and that he might not really be loyal to Josh. Incredibly, Josh cam talks and successfully nails Paul’s strategy of turning the couples against each other.

BB19 spoilers say the most amazing part of this is that Josh then talked himself out of his concerns. This has happened a few times over the last many weeks. One or two people will talk about what Paul might be up to and then talk themselves out of believing he’s got a secret strategy about which they know nothing. It’s pretty incredible no conversations have sparked to expose Paul’s scheming.

Tonight, on Big Brother, it’s the hide and seek veto competition that wrecks the house, as usual, and then the veto ceremony where live feeders already know Jason will break his word about pulling Raven off the block. That means one-half the Maven showmance is going home tomorrow night at the Live Eviction, and there’s little doubt it will be Matt. Check back for more Big Brother 19 spoilers and updates.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]