‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Who Is Steve Burton’s Character on GH? Truth Revealed In How Helena Cursed Sam

General Hospital spoilers have finally revealed who Steve Burton’s returned character in GH is. In one of the most exciting storylines of the year, he returns to fulfill Helena Cassadine’s (Constance Towers) deathbed curse on Sam (Kelly Monaco). Steve’s character interlocks seamlessly in the show’s history and brings the past and present together in a shocking twist of fate.

General Hospital spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal that the writers of this ABC soap opera have slightly altered some details so that the Steve Burton storyline makes sense in the Jason (Billy Miller) and Franco (Roger Howarth) framework. As of late, viewers have seen Jason and Franco endlessly at each other’s throats as one situation after another surfaced. However, this is not the first time the writers have pitted character against each other only to later discover that they are actually family. Remember before Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) and Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) became really close sisters, they hated each other. Could this mean that there is a familial link between the two feuding foes?

In fact, the return of Steve Burton is much graver than a familial tie. General Hospital spoilers state that Helena cursed Sam and that the curse has now come to fruition. It seems as if Steve Burton is either her husband’s twin brother, or even worse he is not the husband who she believes he is! In a shocking twist of the curse, General Hospital spoilers tease that Heather Webber could have sold Franco’s twin to Helena Cassadine.

“These are the riddles that keep me alive, before you learn the truth, because if I die you’ll never know what really happened, you’ll never know why I came into your life.”

Jason (Steve Burton) shot Franco (James Franco) in 2012.He told Jason that there was a reason that he came into his life, and was then shot. Franco had a brain tumor at the time of the shooting and spoke those words under the influence of it. General Hospital spoilers indicate that his memories were also lost when the tumor was removed. Currently, Franco is piecing together his past with the mother who adopted him, Betsy Frank.

How does this tie in with Steve Burton’s character? General Hospital spoilers indicate that Franco’s imaginary friend (Steve Burton) has appeared in Port Charles. The imaginary friend that he creates in his art is neither imaginary, nor a friend. In fact, Steve Burton is either Franco or Jason’s twin, immortalizing Helena’s curse upon Sam’s life.

“I curse you Samantha Morgan. You, those who begot you, and those you begat, and all those who touch you. You and yours will never know happiness in this life, nor any other!”


According to General Hospital spoilers, executive producer, Frank Valentini, Steve Burton’s character will gradually be revealed over the following nine months. There are four possibilities of who Steve who play: Jason’s twin, Franco’s twin, the real Jason, or Franco’s imaginary friend. What do you think the chances are that Sam is not married to the real Jason after all? What about their children, since Helena did curse her and her children after all? Stay tuned for the latest General Hospital spoilers, rumors, and intrigue.

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