Best Buy Apologizes For Gouging Prices On Water During Hurricane

Best Buy has now apologized for gouging prices on water at a Houston branch during Hurricane Harvey, according to TMZ. It was all a mistake according to Best Buy.

The apology came after a photo, which has since gone viral, showed the store selling 12 packs of Smartwater at $29.98 and 24 packs of Dasani at $42.96 — more than double the price that these packs of water normally go for.

Best Buy has spoken out about the issue, saying that this was a big mistake on the part of some of their employees. The company has also promised not to do this again in the future. Considering that it was just one store, that makes it easier to believe that they won’t be doin git over and over.

Best Buy explained that they don’t normally sell water but had made an exemption due to Hurricane Harvey. They said that the employees got confused and were pricing it based on what it would be if you took the price of a single bottle of water and multiplied it.

People on social media have weighed in on the matter, with some defending Best Buy for what they see was an honest mistake. Others, however, have expressed their dismay with the outlet. It could possibly end up costing the company some business.

Click 2 Houston shared that there was actually a Houston company giving out free water ahead of Hurricane Harvey to help people out. Steve Amira, owner of Houston Beverage, made plans to give out 1,000 free cases to local residents. He shared that in his religion they believe that it is the month of giving.

He went on to explain that Wal-Mart, HEB and other places were out of water, so he felt like it was the perfect time to give out water to people in the area. At least some people were helping out instead of trying to take advantage of the situation.

Are you shocked to hear that Best Buy overcharged on water this much during Hurricane Harvey? Sound off in the comments section below. It is going to be a long battle for Texas as they try to rebuild.

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