13-Year-Old Allegedly Stabbed Classmate To Death Because He ‘Wanted To Know What It Was Like To Kill’

A 13-year-old boy is accused of stabbing a classmate to death in a killing so brutal that it shocked longtime investigators, and police said the motive behind the killing was just as disturbing — the boy apparently wanted to see what it felt like to kill another person.

The incident happened in eastern Brazil in the city of Goiana, where police say the 13-year-old boy attacked a 14-year-old classmate named Tamires Paula de Almeida, the Independent reported. Police said the boy ambushed the girl as she waited for an elevator in the apartment building where they both lived, then launched into a horrific attack.

According to the Brazilian news website G1L, the boy grabbed the girl and dragged her to a nearby fire escape then tried to kill her by bashing her head against a wall. When the girl did not die, the boy began to stab her with a knife.

Police said the stabbing was especially gruesome.

“The crime was so brutal, so cruel and so full of rage that the knife twisted in her body,” said Captain Leonidio Alves de Moraes. “The victim was hit by about ten stab wounds spread between the arms, neck and chest.”

The boy then went to his school, telling a teacher what he had done.

Authorities said the 13-year-old boy killed his classmate because he “liked the idea of killing” and wanted to see how his classmates would mourn the girl’s death. The boy apparently wanted to become a serial killer, the Daily Mail reported, with plans to kill at least one other girl in his class. However, he apparently gave up those plans after the first killing, turning himself in instead.

In another disturbing twist, the girl’s body was discovered by a neighbor at the apartment complex who heard the young girl’s scream. The neighbor went to the first door she could find seeking help, which happened to be the victim’s mother, the Independent reported.

“The girl’s mother came out to help and was shocked to find the body of her daughter. It was a very traumatic event,” Captain de Morales said.


The murder comes as the country of Brazil is struggling with high crime rates, particularly in the larger cities.


It is not clear what charges the 13-year-old will face for allegedly stabbing his classmate to death. Brazil passed a law in 2015 allowing young people to be tried as adults for violent crimes, the Independent noted, but it is not yet clear if prosecutors plan to take that route.

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