Jenelle Evans Slams Chelsea Houska’s Dad, Randy, Via Twitter – Calls Him A ‘Fat F**k’

Where Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans goes, drama is sure to follow. The reality TV star attended the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday evening, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have time to call out Chelsea Houska’s dad, Randy Houska. Although Jenelle Evans instigated her popular method of tweet and delete, the remnants of the conversation are still there on Randy’s Twitter account.

Randy Houska, grandfather to Aubree, had a few words for Jenelle after her performance on last night’s Teen Mom 2. The reality TV star “caught” her mother “drinking” with her grandchildren and came by to record Barbara Evans while she was having a peaceful lunch with her friends. Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barb, have been in a fierce custody battle for several years over Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace. Jenelle gave up custody of Jace to her mother shortly after he was born due to her heroin addiction, but now the reality star feels it is time to “give him back,” even though at this point he has lived most of his young life with his grandmother. In an effort to sway the courts in her favor, Jenelle Evans tried to capture a video of her mother drinking with the children in her care.

Chelsea Houska’s father, Randy, who watches the show every week, gave his opinion on Jenelle’s behavior via Twitter.

Jenelle Evans has been in dramatic fights via Twitter with most of the cast members of the Teen Mom franchise. Instead of owning up to her drama, Jenelle decided to go hard at Randy, though she has since deleted her comment.

“Hey you fat f**k, I’m so sick of you commenting on my life. Go tend to your own family. You don’t know a f**king thing I’ve been through!”

The reality TV star finished off her rant with a middle finger emoji.

Jenelle Evans and her mother’s relationship has been a point of contention for several years. At one point, the Teen Mom 2 star refused to film with her mother if she still had custody of Jace. Although the pair seemed to have mended their relationship on the show temporarily, Jenelle and her mother are no longer on speaking terms. While Jenelle will be tying the knot in just a couple of weeks, she has made it clear that Barb is not on the guest list.

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