‘Overwatch’ Director Responds To Internet Troll And Puts Him In His Place

There are Internet trolls everywhere and they are most active in the popular genres of sports, gaming, and geek culture. That makes a popular video game like Overwatch a key property to lure out the loudest trolls. As a matter of fact, Blizzard has set up a punishment system to tackle the problem of trolls that make the game less fun for others playing.

Overwatch troll complains about suspension

This brings up an Internet troll who posted on the Overwatch Blizzard forums on Monday morning. The person was a gamer who claimed that he was playing quickplay, which is supposed to be more laid back with fewer people tied up in rules and regulations. He then said he was suspended for “disruptive gameplay” which he believed to be impossible.

A few other Blizzard forum members spoke up and questioned the validity of the complainer, asking if he did, in fact, do something that was against the rules or bannable. The guy continued to claim innocence and finally, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan joined the discussion.

For those unfamiliar with Jeff Kaplan, the Overwatch director has no problem shutting someone down who he feels is causing problems, lying, or in the case of this particular player, doing both of those sins.

Overwatch director responds to player

So, what did Jeff Kaplan do? He went into the servers and checked out the IP address of the person who said he was unfairly banned and then looked at his actual Overwatch account. This was maybe something the Internet troll wasn’t expecting.

According to Kaplan, the person’s account had 2,247 complaints filed against it, calling it one of the “worst offending accounts” that Blizzard had ever seen for Overwatch. Kaplan also said that the player had his account silenced for 9,216 hours as well.

Jeff Kaplan then pointed out that the player’s Overwatch account had three gameplay suspensions and seven silences for abusive chat or spam. Finally, he said there was a manual GM suspension for what he called “massive griefing.”

Finally, at the end of his response to the Overwatch Internet troll, Jeff Kaplan started to pour on the sarcasm. Kaplan said that maybe someone else was acting like a “less than ideal citizen” under the poster’s IP address and if that is true they will look into it because they don’t want “good, upstanding members of the community” to be punished unfairly.

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