Doomsday Party In Bunker: Russians Pay $1,000 For ‘End Of The World’ Shindig

Russians are reportedly paying $1,000 per ticket to attend a Doomsday party inside an old nuclear bunker, according to Reuters.

The makeshift club will be held in Bunker No. 42, which is located beneath the streets near the Kremlin. Party organizers say they can stuff around 300 people into the confined space. If you want to attend, then you’ll have to pony up $970.

The bunker has served as a museum since 2006. Tour guide Alexei Pavlovsky said people have expressed interest in attending the expensive end of the world shindig.

“Many people would feel much calmer if they could spend this critical day enjoying maximum comfort and safety,” he explained. “There’ll be a children’s room with cartoons, for adults there’ll be movies, talks dedicated to the end of the world and tours of the museum. There’ll be live broadcasts from other bunkers in other countries.”

The Times of India explains that Russian isn’t the only country offering up Doomsday parties for those in search of companionship for the supposed apocalypse.

In western Turkey, the village of is said to be impervious to effects of Doomsday since it is the place where the Virgin Mary ascended into Heaven. Not surprisingly, all 400 hotels in the region are completely booked up.

In France, an old World War II fort will reportedly open its doors to the public. If you don’t mind paying around 1,500 euros for a room, hotels near the Pic de Bugarach will gladly offer you a place to stay for what could be the rest of your life.

According to Travelers Todays, New York City will also host a large numbers of parities dedicated to the end of days. In addition to the Bowery Hotel’s End of the World Party, Doomsday revelers can wile away the hours at the Gansevoort Park Hotel or the Hudson Terrace.

Would you pay $1,000 to attend a Doomsday party inside an old Russian bunker?