Jasmine Goode Says Corinne Olympios Really Hurt Her After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Scandal

Everyone knows about the big scandal that happened on Bachelor in Paradise this season. Now Jasmine Goode is speaking out about how after it happened Corinne Olympios really hurt her feelings. Us Magazine shared that Jasmine is now admitting what happened that bothered her so much. ABC stopped filming of the show Bachelor in Paradise over something that happened between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.

Jasmine Goode shared that when she got back home she actually reached out to Corinne. She never heard anything from her at all and she thought that the reason might be that her legal team didn’t want her to talk to anyone. Jasmine says that they were really close and she was really confused about why Corinne wouldn’t return her calls at all.

Goode went on to explain that she didn’t really take DeMario Jackson’s side, but she didn’t like the fact that everyone was talking bad about him and it wasn’t all true. She didn’t like the fact that his character was getting totally trashed and everything that was being said about him wasn’t true. Jasmine went on to explain that she has a brother and that she would want someone to defend him if something similar to this happened to him.

Another thing that Jasmine Goode explained was that the people who were on the original cast got really close to each other and it was hard for anyone else to get that close to the rest of them. Things were just different and they even spent a week in Mexico while not filming before being sent back home. She says they all became like “family.”

Everyone will have to watch the rest of the season of Bachelor in Paradise to see if Jasmine Goode is able to find love or not. So far, it looks like a few relationships could come out of this season of the show.


Are you surprised to hear that Jasmine Good was so upset by Corinne Olympios not talking to her? Do you think that Bachelor in Paradise should have ever stopped filming? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday nights on ABC.


[Featured Image by Jasmine Goode/Instagram]