Cosmo The God Takes Over Westboro Baptist Church Twitter Account Of Fred Phelps Jr.

Cosmo the God, the 15 year old genius hacker responsible for some of the most notorious internet hacks of 2012, has just hi-jacked his second Westboro Baptist Church Twitter account in as many days.

On Monday Cosmo hacked the Twitter account of church spokeswoman Shirley Lynn Phelps-Roper. The hack was short lived when the account was suspended 24 hours later.

Wired now reports Cosmo has hacked the account of Fred Phelps Jr., the son of church leader Fred Phelps Sr:

“A source with direct knowledge of the attack who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed to Wired that Cosmo had in fact taken possession of Fred Phelps Jr.’s Twitter account. Phelps Jr. is the son of church leader, Fred Phelps Sr. Cosmo took over the @WBCFredJR Twitter account via Phelps’ Hotmail account, which he gained entry to by forwarding the password reset phone number on the Hotmail account to the phone number he controlled, according to Wired’s source.”

Cosmo the God, his group UG Nazi, and the hacker collective Anonymous have targeted the Westboro Baptist Church as a hateful organization. The church recently sparked controversy for its decision to protest the funerals of those lost in the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school shooting.

In June Cosmo was arrested for successfully hacking and taking down websites for NASDAQ,, and among others. He was sentenced to probation until he turns 21. Clearly he felt strongly enough about the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church to violate his probation.

Here is a video made by Anonymous about the Westboro Baptist Chuch. The video is a word for word reading of an article by Inquisitr journalist Wolff Bachner about the Anonymous war with the infamous Phelps’ family and their church.

Do you think Cosmo the God is justified in his actions or a criminal who should be tried as an adult?