‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Spoilers From August 27 Episode Include HOH Winner, Week 9 ‘BB19’ Nominations

This Big Brother 19 recap reveals spoilers from the August 27 episode, as CBS presented who won the Head of Household Competition and who they decided to nominate for eviction. The BB19 house has had a lot of excitement over the past 72 hours, with this episode only covering the events from last Thursday (August 24) and Friday (August 25). This Episode 29 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Sunday, August 27, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

The August 24 Big Brother 19 recap is also available in a prior report by the Inquisitr. During the last episode of the show, Mark Jansen was evicted by a 4-2 vote over Matt Clines. The rogue votes were from Alex Ow and Jason Dent, who did it to throw a wrench into the situation. That left just eight members of the BB19 cast competing for the Head of Household, but the one-hour episode concluded before viewers could find out who won the power. Those particular Big Brother 19 spoilers did get revealed on the CBS live feeds.

Paul Abrahamian, Raven Walton, Josh Martinez, Matt Clines, Alex Ow, Jason Dent, and Kevin Schlehuber were the seven houseguests that competed in the endurance challenge to become the Week 9 Head of Household. Christmas Abbott had to watch as the outgoing HOH and the competition itself required the houseguests to take a spot in a hot dog bun and get raised above the backyard. The last person to remain in their bun would be named the Week 9 HOH. Condiment guns made it more difficult.

Kevin Schlehuber lasted about 17 minutes before falling, Matt Clines fell at about the 20-minute mark, and Josh Martinez dropped after roughly 30 minutes. With only four people left, Raven Walton started trying to make deals with Paul Abrahamian, Alex Ow, and Jason Dent, but the trio was not interested in listening to any of it. This was about the point where Raven and Matt needed to start realizing that they weren’t in the primary alliance that they felt they were helping through most of the summer.

The Big Brother 19 recap continued after the first long commercial break, with four people still competing for the HOH. Paul Abrahamian and Raven Walton fell shortly after the deals were getting offered. Paul stated in a Diary Room session that he lost the competition on purpose, but it didn’t really look like he did as it was playing out live. Jason Dent and Alex Ow then bickered for a while, deciding which of them was going to drop out on purpose. The negotiation frustrated Matt. Alex ended up quitting, allowing Jason to become the HOH for the second time.

Taking charge of the BB19 house meant that Jason Dent could decide who he wanted to nominate for eviction. Before he could get to that point, though, Alex Ow and Paul Abrahamian had ideas about what should take place at the Nomination Ceremony. Jason spoke with Kevin Schlehuber, confirming that he had been one of the rogue votes for Matt. This wasn’t part of the plan he had laid out with Alex and she was a tad upset when he told her about what he had done. Meanwhile, Raven and Matt continued to look like they felt very safe.

The Tree of Temptation was turned on again, but nobody has selected a new apple yet. Paul Abrahamian took it upon himself to help convince Raven Walton and Matt Clines that the plan was to backdoor Kevin Schlehuber and that they simply wanted to keep him from playing in the Veto Competition. They believed him. At the Week 9 Nomination Ceremony, Jason Dent placed Raven and Matt on the block, carrying out the plan he had been working on.

That brings an end to the August 27 Big Brother 19 recap, but not to what has taken place in the game over the weekend. The BB19 house already played for the Power of Veto, setting the stage for a very interesting week. Another report by the Inquisitr covers those Big Brother 19 spoilers, as well as what could take place at the August 31 Eviction Ceremony.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]