‘Ghosts Of Shepherdstown’ Ends Season With Exorcism Of Demonic Entity [Spoilers]

After two seasons of Ghosts of Shepherdstown, the paranormal team of Nick Groff, Elizabeth Saint, and Bill Hartley spend the season finale assisting with an exorcism in one of the most haunted locations they’ve encountered during both seasons of Ghosts of Shepherdstown. While many locations in the town and the surrounding area have reports of paranormal activity, the escalating poltergeist activity at a local business sets the paranormal investigators on a path to discovering the origins of the entity terrorizing the owner, and they link this dark spirit to all the paranormal activity in the area. Calling in some outside help, will these paranormal investigators be able to exorcise Shepherdstown from ghostly activity once and for all?

Paranormal fans will find out Monday when Ghosts of Shepherdstown airs the Season 2 finale. Warning: mild spoilers follow.

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Groff (Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Adventures), Saint, and Hartley first went to Shepherdstown in Season 1 at the request of Police Chief Michael King. King asked for help as his department was being swamped with 911 calls reporting mysterious paranormal phenomenon. With the help of local historian Dana Mitchell and psychic medium Lorie Johnson, the Ghosts of Shepherdstown team pieced together a theory that the hauntings were related to the murder of a woman accused of witchcraft.

Season 1 of Ghosts of Shepherdstown ended with a ritual and spiritual cleansing to release the spirit of a woman who was wrongfully accused of witchcraft and murdered. Things quieted down there, but paranormal activity started cropping up more in nearby towns, and the paranormal investigators returned for Season 2.

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After investigating some of the other towns in the area this season, Groff, Saint, and Hartley are back in Shepherdstown for the final episode as Tearoom owner Lisa Olney requests their help. In addition to poltergeist activity that has made a mess of her business and hurled objects at her, a strange shape has been cut into the tablecloths that provides a major clue to discovering the link that connects all the hauntings.

A press screening revealed some very strange evidence and phenomena during the exorcism that hasn’t been seen in any other televised exorcisms. See it with your own eyes, paranormal fans, when the Season 2 finale of Ghosts of Shepherdstown airs Monday, August 28 at 10 pm ET on Destination America.

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