Insider Claims Toyota Supra Will Ship On 2019 With Manual Gearbox, Turbo V6 Engine And 400 HP

The new Toyota Supra has been in the rumor mill for roughly four years now, and so far, so much about the car remains unknown. While a rumored test vehicle has been spotted multiple times, the actual specs of the highly-anticipated performance car are still up for speculation. That is, of course, until a fresh batch of rumors emerged earlier this month.

These latest Toyota Supra rumors come from a dedicated forum for Toyota enthusiasts. Citing a conversation with an alleged Toyota representative who was heavily involved in the development of the 200 Series Land Cruiser, a member of the online community outlined the first few specs and features of the upcoming performance car.

While most of the content in the alleged Toyota rep’s statement featured details about the Japanese carmaker’s Land Cruiser, some details about the Supra were also revealed. Among these details are the vehicle’s possible release date, its engine, and most of all, its transmission.

As stated in a Car Advice report, the alleged Toyota employee said that the Japanese carmaker would likely release the new Toyota Supra sometime around 2019, which is roughly two years from now. The vehicle would also likely be equipped with a 3.5-liter Turbo V6 engine that produces around 400hp. Most interestingly, the performance car would also be rolled out with a manual gearbox, which would most likely satisfy the cravings of the iconic brand’s most ardent fans.

Echoing previous rumors, however, the Toyota rep also allegedly mentioned that the new Supra would be offered with a hybrid option. The hybrid version would likely have roughly the same power and performance as its non-hybrid sibling.

While the accuracy of these latest rumors could not be confirmed, some of the new information has managed to excite and disappoint classic Supra fans online. Many, for one, welcomed the addition of a manual gearbox for the upcoming performance car, since the configuration would give drivers more control over their driving. With a manual transmission, the new Toyota Supra would likely tickle the nostalgia of the brand’s supporters.

However, several aspects of the new rumors did not sit well with fans. Some, for one, believe that the new Toyota Supra would likely be better off with an Inline-6 engine instead of a V6. Inline-6 engines, after all, are generally more well-balanced than traditional Turbo V6 units.

If these new rumors do turn out to the true, it would only be a matter of time before the Supra brand resurrects itself as one of the most respected names in the automotive industry.

[Featured Image by Darren Brode/Shutterstock]