‘BB19’ Spoilers: Production Tells Josh And Paul To ‘Shut It Down’ As Paul Replaces Pablo with Trejo The Toucan

A raucous time was had by some cast members in the Big Brother 19 house Friday night, as Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez clowned around in the pool and were chastised by BB19 production staff. As they engaged in pool play, it was clear that Paul was no longer dedicated to his BB18 pool toy, Pablo the pelican. In fact, he announced the new float around his waist was a cousin of Pablo’s named Trejo the Toucan.

Only a year ago, during BB18, veteran player Paul could be seen running around the Big Brother abode with Pablo around his waist. This season, while donning his new pal, Trejo, Paul and Josh got into some hot water with BB19 producers as they threw beach balls at one another and roughhoused way too close to the water’s edge.

At about 10:55 p.m. Big Brother 19 house time, the two men removed their microphones and ran around the yard, prompting production to make an announcement telling them to put their microphones back on. When Paul and Josh did not heed the request and the kicking of pool floats garnered all of their attention, production then loudly ordered, “Stop that!” When Paul and Josh didn’t listen and continued to take part in shenanigans, a much firmer announcement was heard stating, “SHUT IT DOWN,” according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates.

This last warning appeared to do the trick, causing Paul and Josh to finally abide by Big Brother’s wishes.

Earlier in the evening, at about 6:18 p.m. BB19 house time, Paul had announced Trejo the pool float’s name and lineage, revealing his ultimate connection to Pablo. Josh seemed confused by this and simply asked, “Why?” reports Joker’s Updates.

Apparently, Pablo disappeared last season after BB18 houseguest Michelle “Big Meech” Meyer “stole Paul’s blow-up BFF…” on the way out the door during her eviction from the Big Brother house, according to Movie Fone.

So, only time will tell if Trejo will become as close to Paul as his missing cousin Pablo was. Who knows, maybe Pablo will magically show up at the Big Brother 19 finale on September 20, and a long-awaited family reunion will occur.

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[Featured Image by Paul Abrahamian/Instagram]