Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz Trilogy Fight Next? Nate Talks His Great Chance Against Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor has hinted at his trilogy matchup with Nate Diaz ahead of his boxing fight with Floyd Mayweather. Some have suggested that Conor McGregor will retire after his potential $100 million payday against Floyd. However, Conor shut down those rumors as he is interested in settling the score with Nate Diaz after their two blockbuster PPV bouts at UFC 196 and UFC 202.

Nate Diaz’s skills in the ring have been praised by boxing world champions, such as Amir Khan and Andre Ward. Diaz thinks his rival Conor McGregor has a great chance in his match against Floyd Mayweather, according to TMZ.

“I’ve fought the top pros in the fight game, the best fighters in the world, and done better than a lot of them,” Diaz said… “I fought Conor for 25 minutes. I believe he’s definitely going to have a chance.”

While Diaz thinks Conor has a chance, he doubts that he can beat Floyd Mayweather but he will not make a prediction.

“Fighting and beating the best boxer pound for pound in the world right now?” Diaz said in an interview. “That’s another story but a fight’s a fight and we’re going to have to watch and see what happens.”

Diaz also came to McGregor’s defense when he was being mocked by the boxing community after his open workout. Diaz suggested that boxers should know better than to give an experienced fighter no chance.

One analyst has suggested that Nate Diaz has a better chance against Floyd Mayweather than Conor due to his reach advantage and endless punching output, as well as his southpaw stance.

While Nate Diaz will likely be Conor’s first fight in his return to the UFC, it is far from guaranteed. Nate doesn’t seem focused on the potential trilogy fight, and Conor does not know what physical condition he will be in after his boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather.

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor’s trilogy fight will take place at lightweight. Both fighters prefer the 155-pound weight class and were undersized at welterweight, despite the false rumor that Nate weighed 200 pounds in the fights.

Conor McGregor was a massive underdog when the fight with Floyd was initially announced. However, the odds have greatly reduced and the UFC lightweight champion is now a 4/1 underdog.

While there are rumors that Nate Diaz will walk Floyd Mayweather to the ring, it is highly unlikely. It was first suggested by The Money Team member Jason Lee.

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