‘Death Note’ 2017 Review: Adam Wingard’s Film ‘Disappoints’ Critics, Anime Movie Now Streaming On Netflix

Death Note is created by director Adam Wingard, who is known for his stylized filmmaking techniques. The 2017 anime movie, based on a 12-volume manga series of the same name, is now streaming on Netflix. Adam Wingard is known for successful thrillers like You’re Next, Blair Witch and The Guest.

Death Note was initially involved in a “whitewashing” controversy. The original manga series is from Japan. When it was decided that it would be recreated in the United States, the cast did not consist of any Japanese characters.

Neither illustrator Takeshi Obata nor writer Tsugumi Ohba, who created the original manga series, found anything wrong about it. In fact, Ohba appreciated Wingard for creating “the beautiful imagery.” According to the writer, the Death Note 2017 movie is a “A-level thriller masterpiece,” The Hollywood Reporter reported.

“This is what a Hollywood Death Note movie should be.”

African-American Lakeith Stanfield, who plays L, finds no justification in the controversy. According to him, if there was a Japanese adaptation of a U.S. TV series like Friends, it would be obvious to have Asian characters. The Japan Times quotes Wingard as saying that everyone in the United States is looking for creating controversy.

Netflix movie Death Note is created by director Adam Wingard.
Netflix movie Death Note is created by director Adam Wingard. [Image by Leonard Adam/Getty Images]

The movie’s villain, Ryuk, is one of the major attractions. According to Wingard, David Bowie was his first choice for the voice of the character. However, when Bowie died, he wanted to have Prince. Strangely enough, he died as well. The director told Gizmodo that he felt like he was “killing them off.” Eventually, it was Willem Dafoe who became the voice of Ryuk.

According to The Guardian, the Netflix movie seems “overstuffed” with a lot of content put together. At times, it is impossible to keep track of all the imagery in one montage. However, it feels Death Note has enough ingredients to interest horror movie fans.

Willem Dafoe is the voice of Ryuk in Netflix movie Death Note.
Willem Dafoe is the voice of Ryuk in Netflix movie Death Note. [Image by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]

The Netflix movie is also expected to be widely accepted by Netflix’s teenage viewers. There is, nevertheless, enough doubt if the fans of the original manga series are going to love this.

According to The Verge, Death Note is a “disappointing” effort. It is apparently missing everything that makes the original anime series work. It also finds the Netflix film “unnecessarily gory.”

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]