Prepare For Your Cuteness Overload As Donald Duck Helps Baby Take First Steps At Disneyland [Video]

The Disney theme parks around the world are places that bring about memories to last a lifetime for families, friends, and anyone who visits. So many great moments can and will be had inside the gates of Walt Disney World or Disneyland, or any of the parks outside of the United States. Family’s take millions of pictures and videos every single day at Disney and can it really get any better than having Donald Duck help your baby take his first steps?

No matter what day of the year it is, there is usually some sort of celebration happening with someone in a Disney park. It could be an anniversary or a birthday or a proposal or even just someone being happy that the school year is out or they’re on vacation.

Well, the Sample family headed out to Disneyland in California to enjoy some time together as a family and the day ended with much more than they bargained for. Not only did they have a great day, but they ended up having a video from their trip go viral.

While meeting with Donald Duck, the family ended up with a once-in-a-lifetime moment, according to Fox 5 San Diego.

Little Wrigley Elias Sample ended up taking the first steps of his young life in Disneyland Park and he did it with the help of Donald Duck. The baby looked on in quite an unsure fashion before starting to head toward the outstretched arms of Donald.

After gaining a little bit of momentum, Wrigley picked up speed and went right to his mother while Donald congratulated himself on a job well done.

Wrigley’s father Will caught it all on video and told Fox 5 the reasoning behind his son’s unique name. “Wrigley” is named after Wrigley Field, which is home to the Chicago Cubs, and his middle name is from the man who started it all – Walter Elias Disney.

You can catch Donald Duck at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, on the Disney Cruise Line, and many places around the world. If you see him, take the time to visit as you never know what may happen.

donald duck cute baby first steps disneyland
[Image by Danny Cox]

It really can be true magic when visiting the Disney theme parks and one really doesn’t know what could possibly happen. Earlier this year, Johnny Depp dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and shocked guests on Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland. Now, it’s a young boy named Wrigley Elias Sample taking his first steps to Donald Duck. The memories are there and it just takes the people to make them.

[Featured Image by Brand Barket/Getty Images]