Laura Govan Dating A ‘Super White Guy,’ Talks ‘Basketball Wives’ And Jackie Christie Drama

Earlier this month, Malaysia Pargo suggested that Laura Govan should come back to Basketball Wives, along with Draya and Bambi. That sure would make the VH1 reality series more interesting, but would she do it?

During an interview on The Domenick Nati Show, Laura Govan was asked if she would ever return to the show that made her famous. Her response was interesting.

It turns out that Laura would consider coming back, but not in the way most of us would like. At first, Laura said she wouldn’t go back on the show at all because she’s not about all that back and forth fighting anymore. Then she admitted that it would have to be a pretty check.

Govan then said she’d be interested in returning to Basketball Wives as a positive mentor. She said she’d love to be on-set, telling the cast members what they should and shouldn’t be doing on the show. The jury is still out on who she would be mentoring, and what about, but Laura Govan didn’t name any names.

When it comes to Jackie Christie, Laura didn’t want to go all in on the reality star. Govan was asked what she thought of the most recent season and the insane drama created because of tension in Jackie’s family. She wouldn’t say that Christie is a bad mom after all the GoFundMe drama that surrounded her and Ta’Kari this season.

Laura Govan seems to believe that Jackie is just done being a mommy now that her kids are grown and she’s ready to go do her own thing. She didn’t want to weigh in on who was in the wrong.

It’s no secret that Govan had a very messy breakup with retired NBA star Gilbert Arenas. The former couple is trying to co-parent four children together and things haven’t always been smooth. When asked about the ongoing tension between them, Laura made it clear that Gilbert needs to step it up and be a better dad.

One thing we didn’t know about Laura Govan is that she really likes white men. After confessing to Domenick Nati that she has a celebrity crush on Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, Laura also admitted that she is dating a “super white guy” who also happens to be Moroccan.

In all, she described her new man as being a tall, white, French-speaking Jewish Moroccan man. It sounds like time to start posting pictures of this mystery man so her fans can ogle the new guy. It’s unclear if she met the new boyfriend during her recent stint on Millionaire Matchmaker, but she was just featured on a recent episode.

“He acts white, he looks white,” Laura explained.

Govan said that despite the fact that her new man is very tall, he is not an athlete. It’s still a mystery as to who she is dating and what he does for a living. The former Basketball Wives star didn’t want to put all of those details out there. Laura did share what matters the most in her life and that is her new man makes her very happy.

Be sure to check out the entire Laura Govan interview on The Domenick Nati Show below.

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