Craziest 'Game Of Thrones' Theories For The Season 7 Finale

Monika Zoltany

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

Game of Thrones wraps up this Sunday with the Season 7 finale, "The Dragon and the Wolf." Here are three of the craziest theories floating around the internet about the fates of our favorite characters.

Bran is the Night King

A surprising amount of people subscribe to the theory that Bran Stark is also the Night King, and it's only growing in popularity. Bran lost the use of his legs at the end of the first episode, but since then has become one of the most magical characters. With the ability to warg into other characters' and creatures' bodies, some believe that Bran actually is the Night King. As the Night King marches towards Westeros with his army of Wights and White Walkers, some believe Bran is actually marching towards himself.

But how and why did this happen? The theory is that Bran warged back in time to try and prevent the Night King from ever existing. However, he got trapped in the body of the man that the Children of the Forest used to create him. Bran has been stuck in the Night King's body ever since -- until the time when he was actually born, of course.

Arya is Dead

Arya crossed the Narrow Sea and went to Braavos to study how to become a Faceless Man. While there, Arya faced off against a jealous fellow student called the Waif. In the final scene between them, Arya gets stabbed multiple times by the Waif. Then, Arya manages to get the Waif alone in the room where she stashed her sword Needle. She kills the lights -- Arya has an advantage when it comes to fighting blind. In the next scene, we see Arya putting the Waif's face on the trophy wall.

But what happened in the darkness? Arya was never able to best the Waif in combat before, and just suffered multiple stab wounds. Was she really able to kill the Waif in the darkness, or did the Waif kill her...and is now running around Westeros posing as Arya Stark?

Jaime Will Kill Cersei

Jaime loves Cersei, his twin sister and the object of his affections in their incestuous love affair. Yet Cersei's descent into madness is enough to give even him pause, and a prophecy exists that says Cersei will meet her demise at the hands of a valonqar or "little brother." Cersei believes it refers to the traitorous dwarf Tyrion, while some fan theories believe that the valonqar is Sandor Clegane. But it could be Jaime, who is a few minutes younger than Cersei.

Jaime killing Cersei would provide an interesting layer to the character's redemption arc, although it would tear him up personally to do so.

Since last week's episode revealed the Ice Dragon, there's no telling which crazy Game of Thrones theory will turn out to be true.

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