‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: HGs Find Maven Condom Stash, Matt & Raven Busted For ‘BB19’ Undercover Antics!

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds last night show there’s no doubt that Matt and Raven are going at in the BB19 house. Exactly what Matt and Raven (or ‘Maven’ as the two are known) are up to at night is no longer up for debate. This has been a raging topic of discussion among the houseguests and reached fever pitch after Zingbot delivered a crushing and very personal insult to Matt on Wednesday night’s Big Brother episode. Zingbot told Matt that the only thing he’s done in BB19 is Raven. Matt and Raven didn’t seem offended by the dig and even high-fived as they laughed it up, but it made a big impression on the houseguests since they’re still discussing it.

Maven’s undercover antics analyzed by HGs

BB19 spoilers from last night’s live feeds reveal that a chat among houseguests Kevin, Jason, Paul, Alex, and Josh led to some prying in the nightstand next to Matt and Raven’s bed. The discovery Josh made grossed him out, so he soon brought the others in to witness what he found. The live feeds captured the cache they found – it was a drawer full of used condoms – thus ending forever the Big Brother debate about what Maven is getting up to when the lights are out. However, more conversations showed that the pair isn’t limiting their amorous activities to the hours while other HGs are fast asleep.

In the Big Brother house, the lights must be on from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. but often, even after the 10 p.m. Pacific deadline where HGs may turn out the lights, they leave them on as they chat and strategize late into the night. However, in BB19, Matt and Raven often go into one of the bedrooms after 10 p.m., turn out the lights, and get busy (according to chatter among the other HGs). Paul told the rest of the gang last night that he walked in on Matt and Raven and flipped the lights on because he had no idea what was going on, and they hustled to pull their clothes back on and get covered.

Kevin shocked that Big Brother HGs do the deed

Since the first week, Kevin has been in shock about the shenanigans that go on under the covers in the BB19 house. Kevin is not a fan of the show and didn’t audition. Buddy TV revealed that Kevin was one of several “recruits” in the Big Brother house this season, meaning he was spotted by a CBS talent scout and invited to join the game rather than auditioning as most others did. That meant Kevin came into the game largely clueless about showmances, Big Brother sexcapades, and other elements of BB. Early on in BB19, Jason educated Kevin about what really goes on in the game, and as the only two married people in the house, they’ve stuck together.

On last night’s live feeds, Kevin was obviously disgusted by the notion of people frolicking when the cameras are rolling and said self-control is possible. After Josh found the drawer of used condoms, all five went to peek at the evidence and erupted into laughter and then disgust because it’s simply unsanitary. Another question remains of what will happen next week if the majority alliance gets Matt out of the game as they’ve planned. With Raven at loose ends, Kevin speculated on the live feeds that she would latch onto Paul. Flashback on the CBS live feeds to a little before 7 p.m. on Wednesday to see this conversation.

Paul has, so far, respected his mother’s “no humping” in Big Brother rule that she reiterated in his HoH letter. As for Matt and Raven, clearly, nothing is off limits! The other debate that continued last night is whether or not Raven is really sick or not. Several of the HGs suspect she’s faking but wonder if others won’t target her just in case she’s truly sick. Tune into CBS tonight at 9 p.m. for the live eviction and check back often for more Big Brother 19 spoilers.

[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]