Trump Retweets 'Best Eclipse Ever' Photo Of Trump Eclipsing Obama From Jerry Travone Meme - Racism Cries Ensue

President Donald Trump may have gotten a lot of ribbing about watching the total solar eclipse without always wearing his protective glasses on Monday, but by Thursday, August 24, Trump was feeling the heat for retweeting a photo of Trump eclipsing former President Obama. As reported by ABC News, Trump retweeted the meme that was tweeted at President Trump by Jerry Travone. Travone describes himself as a political junkie and a YouTube Actor, as well as a "proud Trump supporter" out of New Jersey.

However, the retweet with Trump as the moon eclipsing Obama as the sun isn't going over well with everyone on Twitter, and folks are questioning Trump's fitness as president as a result. Comments claiming that Trump as the moon is applicable, since the moon changes tides and brings "the crazy out in some people" are being made beneath Trump's Twitter retweet. Others are writing that they would take Obama as the sun any day over Trump. What's troubling to many Twitter users is that the President of the U.S. would retweet such a divisive meme, and some are calling Trump mentally ill and unfit to serve. Some Twitter comments call Trump a president who can't hold a candle to Obama, and urge President Trump to seek therapy.

The inappropriate nature of the Trump retweet is what other viewers are focused upon, with claims that Trump is encouraging racism from the tweet that shows Obama in black and white and Trump in color.
"This is unbelievably inappropriate. You are the president to all Americans. Stop egging racists on."
Yet and still others are creating their own memes, like the one below, which shows Obama's smiling face eclipsing Trump's face.
Much of the response to Trump's retweet features disbelief that the president of a country would use social media in such a trivial manner. In order to make the meme correct, Trump has to turn around and stare into the sun, wrote one Twitter user, like Trump did in real life on Monday. Others are calling Trump egomaniacal for retweeting such a meme, and are begging Trump to resign from the presidency amid all the controversy.

[Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]