Size matters: Nintendo DSi with bigger screen on the way

That’s right, folks: the Nintendo DSi is getting an increase in size that will make it almostas big as the Eiffel Tower.

Okay, that’s a fabrication. I hold my hands up. Sorry. However, it is definitely getting a bigger screen. According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei Post, Nintendo plans to release a new version of its DSi handheld with a 4″ top screen in Japan later this year. That’s an increase of 0.75″ on the DSi’s 3.25″ display. The first DS, meanwhile, had tiddly 3″ screens.

All other functionality will remain the same, says the paper, as will the price: ¥18,900 (about $205 at current rates, though this is not yet confirmed for a release outside Japan).

I’d question why they’re doing this, but then everybody knows new Nintendo DS/DSi iterations sell like tickets to an afternoon of naked trampolining with Scarlett Johansson. Personally, I think 3.25″ is fine (for a portable screen), so if Nintendo doesn’t throw a few more features on this thing, I’ll probably stick with my current model.

How about you, reader?

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