‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Spoilers: 7 Major Leaks For S7 E7 ‘The Dragon And The Wolf’ — The Wall Falls Down!

New Game of Thrones finale spoilers for Season 7, Episode 7, “The Dragon and the Wolf” are here and what happens in this long juicy episode promises to be spectacular. Plus, there’s a cliffhanger ending that should send GoT fans into a frenzy as they start the long wait for Thrones Season 8. As always, there are leaks from inside sources about upcoming episodes and the GoT season finale is no exception.

Also, hackers threatened to leak the entire episode in advance of Sunday’s air date. The Guardian reported that the same hackers that got into HBO servers in July vowed to release the finale early but so far, nothing has leaked online. But there are solid Game of Thrones spoilers available. Here are seven major leaks for this Sunday’s S7, E7, “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

First reported by Movie Pilot, a set insider on Redditor going by the name of AwayForTheLeads leaked significant info for Season 7 months ago. His Reddit account disappeared, but not before another Redditor archived all the tidbits. The long list of S7 leaks have all come to fruition, so it seems very likely that these last few spoilers on the list will also come true. Here goes!

1. Daenerys and Jon Snow get busy on the boat

On the way to the Dragonpit for the big Westerosi conclave to discuss the war and the wights, Dany and Jon bond on the boat. We saw in last Sunday’s Beyond the Wall that Jon offered to bend the knee and called her his queen. There was some passionate hand-holding, but there will be lots more on the sea journey North. Game of Thrones spoilers say if the frigate’s a rocking, don’t come a knocking because the Mother of Dragons and King of the North are doing the horizontal mambo. Good for them. Cersei won’t like it, but Lannisters be damned!

2. Sam and Bran figure out Jon’s a Targaryen

Dany and Jon’s sex spoiler is compelling because it turns out they’re related. That’s no big deal in Games with the twin Lannister lovers plus the Targaryens inter-marry. Samwell journeys North with Gilly who was reading about Jon Snow when Sam cut her off two episodes back. At Winterfell, with Sam’s books and Bran’s all-seeing insight, they discover that Jon Snow is really Aegon Targaryen, son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Rhaegar was Dany’s older brother, so that makes Jon her nephew. But at least he’s royal and what not.

3. The Mountain fights the White Walker

Some Game of Thrones post speculated that Cleganebowl (i.e., Mountain vs. Hound) would happen at the Dragonpit. While this showdown is not mentioned in the leaks, what does happen is that Cersei tasks The Mountain to fight the wight since he’s a zombie himself and is the best choice to fight another dead man. The Mountain cuts down the white walker which reanimates, shocking all assembled that haven’t witnessed the power of the Night King for themselves. Jon kills it using dragon glass.

4. Cersei lies and plans more treachery

After the spectacle at the Dragonpit, Game of Thrones finale spoilers predict that Cersei pledges to throw in with the others and send forces North to the wall to fight the dead. After the confab, Tyrion takes a moment to speak to his sister alone, but it’s not clear if she will soften now that she knows he didn’t have Joffrey killed. After the meeting, Cersei tells Jaime that she has no intention of sending soldiers to the Wall and instead says she will let the dead kill her enemies so she can focus on ruling Westeros.

5. Cersei loses her incest baby (and Jaime)

If anyone is due karma, it’s Cersei. During the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, spoilers say she wakes soaked with blood. She and Jaime were excited about their latest incestuous offspring, but it appears Cersei miscarries. Back in Season 5, we saw a flashback of Maggy the prophet telling Cersei she would have three children that would all die before her. The prophecy seems to be holding. GoT S7 spoilers also say Jaime is disgusted with Cersei’s refusal to fight the dead and he rides North to help out where he can. Jaime ditches his sister-lover.

6. Sansa and Arya turn on Littlefinger

This is the most shocking Game of Thrones spoiler for the finale. Littlefinger has been busy making Sansa and Arya enemies, but a GoT leak says Bran helps his sisters see through Petyr’s lies. Sansa is sick of men taking advantage of her (and who can blame her) and reportedly, as Lady of Winterfell, she sentences Littlefinger to death. Not only that, but Arya is the wielder of final justice and the tiny assassin is supposed to be the one who ends his role in Game of Thrones. It wouldn’t be a season finale without a significant death!

7. Viserion breaks the wall

Thrones fans saw the Night King reanimate Viserion after his undead minions pulled the mighty dragon from the frozen lake. Viserion is now a blue-eyed wight dragon under the Night King’s control. The big cliffhanger for the last moments of the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale promises to be the collapse of the wall. That was all that was holding back the dead and with Viserion as his mount, the Night King flies him at the wall where Viserion breathes blue flame and takes down the only obstacle between the living and the dead.

These are the latest leaked Game of Thrones Season 7 finale spoilers. Filming is set to begin on GoT Season 8 in just a couple of months with a projected debut date of September 2018. That gives fans a full year to agonize over how long it will be before Winterfell is overrun with the dead and whether two fire dragons can beat one of ice. What do you think? Are you ready for an agonizing GoT cliffhanger that will leave you aching for more but with 12 months to wait? Check back often for more Game of Thrones spoilers.

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