Bradley Cooper: ‘I Have Five Nipples’

Bradley Cooper is often recognised as one of the most attractive men on the planet, but when appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show he revealed that he not only has a third nipple, but he possesses a fourth and fifth one as well.

The 37-year-old took off his top to show a nipple on his chest, but then disclosed that he also has one on his arm and one on his leg.

Before showing off his deformities, Cooper asked Ellen, “Shall I take my shirt off? You asked me before but I didn’t want to reveal too much … I’ll show you why. I have a third nipple – is that not weird? It’s disgusting.”

The actor then confessed that he even had two more nipples, saying, “I have a fourth. It’s so sick. And I have a fifth on my leg.” It then transpired that the nipples were only a joke.

Ellen proclaimed that her show was turning into a ‘show and tell’ session. After this edition had been taped on Monday, Cooper was spotted getting on to a flight to London from LAX looking extremely tired and greasy. Plus he was still wearing the same clothes from his appearance on the show too.

Cooper, who is currently dating the actress Zoe Saldana, will next be seen on screen in The Place Beyond Pines before starring in The Hangover Part III, which will be released on May 24. Do you think that Cooper looks bad? Would you still love him if he really did have five nipples?