Leah Remini Sued By Former Managers

King of Queens star Leah Remini is being sued by her former managers over commissions from her upcoming ABC sitcom Family Tools, Deadline reports.

The Collective, Remini’s former management company, said they want what the actress owes them — in very specific numbers. In documents obtained by Deadline, the introduction to the lawsuit reads:

“This case is about Leah Remini’s choice to purposefully disregard her contractual obligations to those who furthered her career. In this instance, Remini breaches her talent management agreement with Plaintiff. Notwithstanding Plaintiff’s counsel in furthering Remini’s career,which among other things, led to her landing a role in the ABC television series Family Tools, Remini refuses to pay Plaintiff for its services in direct breach of the talent management agreement enteredinto between Plaintiff and Remini. Remini’s behavior will not be tolerated.”

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Remini fired The Collective on October 26 after being under their representation for less than a year, and now the management company wants the commission owed to them. The company said Remini owes $67,000 in commission per her agreement to pay them 10 percent of what she earned for the first 10 episodes of Family Tools. She received $1 million ($100,000 per episode for 10 episodes), minus a $330,000 hold fee from the Talent Holding Agreement for a total of $670,000. Remini will receive 4 percent raises for each subsequent season, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Remini joined the pilot for Family Tools earlier this year, but it was then titled White Van Man. The series is based on the British sitcom that went by the show’s original title, and follows a man who is forced to go into the handyman business with his father, Tony. Family Tools is scheduled to premiere May 1.