WWE Gives Update On Injury Suffered By Big Cass On ‘Monday Night Raw’ And It Isn’t Good, Out Close To A Year

Every once in a while, WWE goes through a period of time where injuries just start piling up and another big star was added to the list on Monday Night Raw. Last night, Big Cass took on Enzo Amore in a Brooklyn Street Fight which had to end early due to the fact that the big man ended up injured. A number of fans thought it may have been part of a storyline, but an update given by WWE on Tuesday night revealed that it is more serious than anyone thought.

The match was going just fine and with weapons involved, it was more of a back-and-forth instead of the usual squash of Enzo. All of a sudden, Big Cass landed quite awkwardly after Enzo pulled down the top rope and sent his former partner to the floor.

After that, the match continued and he got back into the ring to deliver the Empire Elbow but his knee gave out and he fell to the mat. A trainer came down to the ring to check on him as the match was called off. Big Cass was helped to the back and walked very gingerly up the ramp, but it was obvious that something was wrong.

The official website of WWE reported late on Tuesday night that something was “very wrong.”

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The report states that an initial MRI of Big Cass’ left knee shows he could have a possible ACL tear and the injury will definitely require surgery. WWE ringside physician Dr. Chris Robinson said that the immediate outlook isn’t good at all.

“It looks like he has an ACL tear, possibly a medial meniscus tear, but we’re going to wait for the radiologist to evaluate the MRI and give us their full report.”

“A typical ACL tear takes about nine months [to recover from].”

The full extent of the injury isn’t totally known at this time, but surgery is expected to take place sometime this week. At that point, he will head into recovery and rehab to get back into shape for his WWE in-ring return.

Big Cass’ injury couldn’t have come at a worse time for WWE as they’ve just recently had three other big superstars put on the shelf with injuries as well. Two of those injuries caused SummerSlam to undergo a number of changes.

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Leading up to SummerSlam, Bayley suffered a shoulder injury which took her out of a match against Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Championship. Scott Dawson of The Revival suffered an injury to his right bicep which removed the popular tag team from a feud with the Hardy Boyz.

On Saturday night at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, NXT Women’s Champion Asuka suffered a broken collarbone retaining her title against Ember Moon. She is expected to miss anywhere from six to eight weeks in the ring.

As for Big Cass, even though the WWE fans thought it may have been a work last night, he appeared to immediately know that something was wrong. IW Nerd caught a video on Instagram that showed him walking to the back and screaming out in frustration. Check out the video on the account for “kimberlasskick,” but be warned of strong language.

The injury to Big Cass is only the latest in a long line of WWE superstars who are going to miss time in the ring. The worst case scenario appears to be that he’s going to be out 9-12 months, but it’s hard to think it will be any less than nine at all. Cass was in line for a pretty decent-sized push after splitting from Enzo Amore, but that is going to have to be put on hold after what took place on Monday Night Raw and the timing is just awful.

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