Josiah Duggar Discusses Courtship That Ended Abruptly With Marjorie Jackson

Josiah Duggar has slipped out of the limelight for the last few years. He had a lot of potential when he announced his courtship back in 2015. Duggar was going to be the second male who would presumably walk down the aisle, which had 19 Kids and Counting fans excited. He introduced his girlfriend, Marjorie Jackson, to the world via a video on social media. The assumption was the two would announce a wedding in the near future, but that is not how things went at all.

Shortly after Josiah Duggar announced his courtship, things for the entire Duggar family went south. That is when the molestation scandal broke and the show was canceled. Several months passed before fans noticed that Marjorie Jackson was no longer seen on Josiah’s Instagram. That led to speculation the two had split, but a formal announcement didn’t come until quite a while later.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josiah Duggar is finally talking about his split from Marjorie Jackson. His account states the two were trying to honor what God wanted for them, and she felt like the relationship wasn’t a fit for her right then. There were no specifics given, but it is assumed that all of the negative publicity for the Duggar family had a direct effect on the crumbling of their courtship.

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His statement about it not being the right time then leads to questions about whether Josiah Duggar could be in a courtship right now. There is reportedly a big announcement coming just before the release of the new season of Counting On. Talk about it has been circulating social media with assumptions that it could be about one of the Duggar daughters being pregnant, John David possibly announcing a courtship, and now, Josiah could have an announcement too. Could Duggar and Marjorie Jackson be trying to court again now that things have blown over? Anything is possible in the Duggar world.

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After the last two years, Josiah Duggar has changed a lot. He seems to be focused on his calling and not so preoccupied with finding a wife. Marjorie Jackson released a book and only briefly touched on their failed courtship. The idea that the situation the family went through in 2015 had a direct effect on the young people courting isn’t such a stretch. Neither has confirmed that as being the reason they split, but the timing speaks volumes. Unfortunately, the real reason will likely never be revealed, but Josiah Duggar did admit it was Marjorie’s call to end things.

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