WWE News: NXT Champion Suffers Serious Injury, Could Be Out Two Months And May Be Forced To Vacate Title

News broke on Monday afternoon that a record-breaking championship and long win streak are both in jeopardy after a serious injury was suffered at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. After a hard-fought battle on Saturday night, Asuka was able to retain the NXT Women's Championship and continue her record-breaking run. Unfortunately, it has now been revealed that she broke her right collarbone and could miss up to eight weeks in the ring.

In what can only be seen as the worst possible time for this to happen, Asuka's long reigns as queen of NXT are likely about to end. Unfortunately, she is going to be knocked off her pedestal through the actions and fault of no-one as it just appears as if she can't be beaten.

Well, she can't be beaten by any person, but a broken bone can do it.

On Monday afternoon, the official website of WWE reported that Asuka broke her right collarbone in her match against Ember Moon. She is not medically cleared to compete in the ring and it is not exactly known when she will be able to return to action.

The typical amount of time needed to heal and recover from a broken collarbone is six to eight weeks.

Ringside physician Dr. Jeffrey Westerfield was at the Barclays Center on Saturday night to tend to any injuries. As soon as Asuka entered the backstage area after her match against Ember Moon, he checked out her injury and realized it was quite serious.
"During the match, she landed awkwardly from a throw from Ember Moon and was able to complete the match, but had notable pain and discomfort. We performed an initial ultrasound backstage that was highly suspicious of a break that was later confirmed by an X-ray."
Asuka won the NXT Women's Championship at NXT Takeover: Dallas on Apr. 1, 2016, after defeating Bayley by submission. She has held onto the belt since that time for an unprecedented 507-day title run, and she is still undefeated since debuting in NXT in October of 2015.WWE has not yet said what will happen with the NXT Women's Championship, but it looks as if Asuka will not be able to defend it for close to eight weeks.

It really is an incredible shame that this happened at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, but it was certainly concealed very well. Sure, there were times that it appears as if Asuka may have been holding her arm a bit awkward, but no-one realized she had a broken collarbone. As the two-year anniversary of Asuka's NXT debut was inching closer, it took an injury to take down Asuka as no opponent has been able to do it at all.

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