‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 7: What Happens To Hook And Emma’s Relationship In Hyperion Heights?

Once Upon a Time Season 7 premieres this fall without its original Savior, Emma. Jennifer Morrison, who plays the character, had the option to continue on the rebooted new season, but she decided to quit the series. Emma may have said her goodbye, but her husband, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), continues to be part of the new season. Episode 2 of Once Upon a Time Season 7 is likely to explain why the two are no longer together.

Emma and Hook, who was introduced in Season 2, finally got married in the previous season’s much-talked about musical episode. They said some heart-melting lines when they exchanged their vows during the wedding ceremony.

Hook said, “They say that a captain’s heart belongs to his ship, but with this ring, it now belongs to you.”

Emma said, “Just because you learn that you come from true love, doesn’t mean you believe you’ll ever find it. But thanks to you, now I have.”

Hook also said that Emma was his happy ending, and the wedding ceremony ended with them singing about a happy beginning. The new season, however, is not going to explore their happy beginning or their post-marriage conflicts.

Once Upon a Time Season 7 is introducing a new hero, adult Henry (Andrew J. West), and his “epic” love story with Cinderella (Dania Ramirez). So, what happens to Hook and Emma’s love story?


Colin O’Donoghue tells TV Guide that the couple is happy together, and Episode 2 of Once Upon a Time Season 7 is likely to address why Emma is not with Hook.

“We saw at the end of last season, Hook and Emma got married and it was a happy beginning as they called it, and they are happy together. That’s a definite, for the fans that are concerned about that; Hook and Emma are happy together.”

The actor also says that the Hook of Once Upon a Time Season 7 is a different person. In the new season, Hook will don a new cursed persona. He is a uniform cop called Rogers in Seattle.


At the Television Critics Association’s (TCA) press tour, it was revealed that Episode 2, which is a Hook-centric episode, is set to delve into what happened to him. The episode reportedly features a flashback story that is expected to explain Hook’s new life and his missing wife, TV Line reported. Jennifer Morrison has confirmed that she would reprise her role as Emma in an episode of the new season.

Meanwhile, co-creator Edward Kitsis has ruled out the possibility of Hook hooking up with a new woman in Once Upon a Time Season 7.

At TCA’s press tour, he said that Hook’s eyes were only for Emma, and she was “absolutely” his soulmate, adding, “How could he look elsewhere?”

The co-creator, however, refused to reveal whether Emma had a child with Hook. He said that they would answer that question at the beginning of Once Upon a Time Season 7.

Once Upon a Time Season 7 premieres on Friday, October 6 on ABC. Episode 1 of the new season is titled “Hyperion Heights,” which is also the show’s new location.

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