MTV Publicity Stunt? Kailyn Still Doesn't Have A Name - Or Does She?

Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her third son a few weeks ago and one can imagine she's been overwhelmed with everything you have to deal with, as you bring a newborn home from the hospital. She has revealed that she's doing well, despite not getting any help from her ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez, who is the father of this little boy. However, she has revealed that she's getting support from those around her, and she recently opened up about having her first family photo done in the home. But fans are curious about one thing; what will she name this baby?

According to a new tweet, it sounds like some people believe that Kailyn Lowry has already given her son a name and she's just not sharing it with the world. If this is indeed the case, then Lowry could be accused of a publicity stunt, as she has repeatedly said that she doesn't have a name for her third son. He has been in the world for two weeks and she doesn't know what to call him. Some people have said that she's crazy for not being more prepared, while others fully understand the dilemma. But one fan did point out that Kailyn probably already has a name, but just won't share it.

It is an interesting theory that Kailyn has already given birth to this little boy and is just keeping the name to herself. Of course, it sounds like she's already filming the newest season of Teen Mom 2 and perhaps she's using this name dilemma as a way of gaining publicity for the new season. It's also possible that she has another book up her sleeve.
Lowry has been open and honest about her journey with her new baby, as she hasn't been shy about sharing images on social media. It sounds like she really does want to share the baby with the world, despite receiving such negative feedback.
Some fans of Teen Mom 2 have plenty of things to say about Lowry being the mother of three boys by three different men, while others see her as a prime example of a woman being able to do it all by herself.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry not having shared the baby's name yet? Do you think she has a name, but just hasn't shared it yet, and do you think this may be a publicity stunt of some kind?

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