Dragons to slay and dungeons to explore – on Facebook

I never played the original Dungeons & Dragons board game even though it was probably one of the biggest ‘social’ games of its time but it seems that even this venerable classic has been bitten by the lure of the modern social world.

Now I don’t play games on Facebook but given the popularity of the platform and the long standing popularity of Dungeons & Dragons it would surprise me to see that Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeon & dragons: Tiny Adventures becomes a big hit.

According to Todd Jordan at The Broad Brush blog the adventures are short, include only your character and are scripted.

Adventures are solo, and players have no interaction with the plot other than choosing to take a potion or equip/unequip items. This is not like the select an option and that chooses your path adventures.

There is one element of cooperative play. Players can buff and heal friends’ characters. Buffs last for a few encounters. Healing can only be done between encounters.