Qantas Airlines Giving Away Two Free Business Class Tickets For 97th Anniversary? Hoax Gets 70K Facebook Likes

If you've been on Facebook lately, you've probably seen the scam relating itself to Qantas Airways. In fact, the Facebook post titled "Qantas Airline [sic] is gifting two FREE Business Class Tickets to EVERYONE! on 97th Anniversary!" is so popular that according to Trendolizer, it has gotten more than 70,000 likes on Facebook. Using an image of Qantas business class tickets from an article on the website titled "What It's Like to Fly Qantas Business Class," the hoax article has used Photoshop to take out the name Makepeace on the Qantas Airways tickets, and replaced it with "Your Name Here," in an effort to get Facebook users to imagine all the destinations they'll see with those supposedly free Qantas Airways tickets.

However, it's not the first time that Facebook users have been fooled by a scam from a fake Qantas Facebook campaign. The article titled "Qantas giving out free first-class tickets? Nope, sorry" by CNN notes how more than 130,000 people were fooled by another fraudulent Qantas Facebook campaign back in 2015. That hoax of a Qantas Facebook campaign claimed people could win one year of Qantas first-class flights free. Now the new fake Qantas Facebook campaign claims that Qantas is giving away two free business class tickets to everyone on the 97th anniversary of Qantas Airways.

[Image by Rick Rycroft/AP Images]

The fake Facebook campaign lures people to get their two free tickets per user by visiting the website listed, which was just created on Sunday, August 20, according to Who Is. Once the user clicks on the link being shared and liked across Facebook, they are met with a page that says, "Congratulations! You have been selected to take part in our short survey to get 2 Free Business Class Tickets at Qantas Airline [sic]! We only have 432 Tickets remaining so hurry up!"

The Qantas page leads people on a survey that asks if they've ever traveled with Qantas previously, and what they like best about "Qantas Airline," be it the airlines, on-time flights, services, or something else. The third question of the short survey asks if the user has ever been dissatisfied with Qantas, and contains grammatical errors and doesn't use the formal name of "Qantas Airways" that the Australian airline uses.

[Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images/Qantas]

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