Missouri Day Care Teacher Accused Of Duct Taping 4-Year-Old Girl To Chair, Posting Picture On Snapchat

The Department of Children and Families is conducting an investigation after ascertaining that a teacher at a Missouri day care center allegedly duct taped a 4-year-old girl to a chair and posted a picture of the child on Snapchat, according to WFLA.

The purported abuse is believed to have taken place in March of this year, but the child's parents—Elysha Brooks and Christian Evans—were only recently made aware of the incident, and they are now seeking answers and demanding action.

Brooks stated that she received a phone call from DCF while at work, informing her that a teacher, who has not been identified, at Little Learners of Florissant in Florrisant had reportedly duct taped her daughter to a chair before taking a picture of her and posting it on Snapchat with the following caption: "Thought I was playing."

The photo infuriated Brooks. As she saw her daughter's facial expression, she stated that "she can only imagine how she felt." She went on to say that she had no knowledge of her daughter being duct taped to a chair at her day care center. Brooks says the school did not reach out to her or the child's father after the incident, nor did they contact them when a rock was lodged in her daughter's ear, almost damaging her eardrum.

The girl's father stated that after seeing the photo of his daughter and noticing how scared she appeared while duct taped to a chair at her day care center, it put him in a "crazy state of mind" because he wasn't there to protect her and that there were employees at his daughter's day care center that would "stoop to that level" to hurt his child.

Evans and Brooks want the Missouri day care center to be shut down and for the teacher responsible for duct taping their child to a chair and posting a photo of her on Snapchat to be put in jail.

Brooks is advising other parents to "double-check on these daycares before you go to them because I thought my daughter was safe, I thought my daughter was safe all this time."

Little Learners of Florissant student allegedly duct taped to chair
Teacher at Little Learners of Florissant allegedly posted a photo of child duct taped to chair on Snapchat. [Image by Anastasia Prish/iStock]

Little Learners of Florissant have not released a statement regarding the allegations. It was reported that the day care center did not respond after the media made several attempts to reach out to them.

Parents whose children attended or currently attending the day care center is also seeking answers but some say that they, too, have not received a response.

An investigation is ongoing.

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