Stabbing Death Of 3 Girls In Maryland Update: Brother With Mystery Motive Confesses

Antonio Williams confessed to killing his sister and her two female cousins, who were all under the age of 10, in a case that has shocked a Maryland neighborhood. Williams was watching the kids in their Clinton, Maryland, home as his mother worked the overnight shift as a nurse.

The 24-year-old Williams, who turned 25 on Saturday, confessed to this crime. He had killed the three girls, but left his 2-year-old sister, unharmed.

Friday morning when Andrena Kelly returned from work she found the gruesome scene of the three dead bodies of the girls. They had been brutally stabbed while still in their beds. The girls were identified by relatives and their identity was released to the press by the police.

Nadira Janae’ Withers, 6; who was Kelly’s daughter was one of the deceased. The two other girls were visiting cousins from Newark, New Jersy, Ariana Elizabeth DeCree, 9; and Ajayah Royale DeCree, 6.

Williams made no attempt to flee and he later admitted to police that he killed the three girls as they slept in their beds. Police are still mystified by this crime committed by Williams, as there doesn’t seem to be a motive for what he had done to his sister and cousins. They don’t know why he killed everyone at home at the time except his toddler sister. For some unknown reason, Williams spared the life of his youngest sibling at home.

According to the Washington Post, “police said there was still a mystery at the heart of this case.” This was conveyed at a Saturday news conference held by local officials. The Post also reported that the police are attempting to find out “what prompted Williams, who marked his birthday Saturday, to carry out such horrific slayings?”

According to ABC News in an article published on Sunday, the investigators on this case were still probing for a motive. Police officers were called to the Clinton, Maryland, home at about 7:30 a.m. on Friday when Kelly returned home from work to find the girls dead in the home’s basement bedroom.

The police were met outside by family members when they arrived and directed to the girls in the bedroom. The girls were pronounced dead at the scene. Even the most experienced of all the officers on the force and first responders with the fire department were shaken to the core over the scene in that basement bedroom, according to the police chief at the news conference.

Captain Anthony Schartner of the Prince George’s County Police spoke at a news conference on Saturday and he detailed the scene for reporters. Scharner said:

“All three girls were found lying in a single bed suffering from puncture wounds and lacerations.” He later added: “Mr. Williams was the only adult at the time in the home.”

The two DeCree sisters were staying with Kelly and her family for the summer. Kelly and the girls’ mother are first cousins. This is not an address familiar to police, they have not been called to the house for Williams or any of the other family members before this incident. They also said that they have not had contact with Williams before this incident.

According to ABC News on Sunday, Williams was taken into custody on Friday night. He is being held without bond and he has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder, along with other related charges, the police report.

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