Mnuchin Backs Trump Amidst Call To Resign, Takes A Swipe At Media In A Similar Fashion

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is decidedly going against the flow despite the ongoing tension against the most powerful man in the world.

Mnuchin, in his most vociferous stance yet, has released a written statement in defense of US President Donald Trump last Saturday. CNN reports that Mnuchin's account was in response to a letter that was co-signed by approximately 300 of his former Yale classmates asking him to abandon the currently beleaguered administration. According to the letter, Mnuchin is under a "moral obligation" to abdicate his position over Trump's recent remarks about white supremacists along with the infamous Neo-Nazi rally in Virginia as of late.

The letter added that Mnuchin has the command over the situation and that his classmates from Yale University are counting on him to navigate this situation righteously.

Meanwhile, Mnuchin responds, "I believe that your letter and these comments raise several important issues and misconceptions that I am prepared to address." The US Treasury Secretary added that he doesn't believe that the hurled accusations against Trump are not concrete and that the men and women that aid him at the moment are a sufficient testament that all the American people should have a reassurance.

Donald Trump during a meeting on infrastructure at Trump Tower.
US President Donald Trump shields himself on questions about his recent comments on the events in Charlottesville, Virginia. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

On the other hand, the Yale Alumnus and former hedge fund manager has stressed that neither Trump or he would defend the hate groups. This sentiment harks back to what Trump has announced previously, indicating that such "violence" has no place in America. He added that that the president is not under the belief that the Neo-Nazis and other groups that inspire hate and violence are synonymous to groups that conduct and participate in peaceful means.

Mnuchin's voice did go further in defending Trump against his ousters. This time around, he took a swipe at the president's most fierce critics: the media. He chided the media's direction regarding the ongoing matters that concern the current administration. He voiced that some of these issues are, in fact, far more complicated than what the mass media are trying to cast among their consumers.

US President Donald Trump and Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin during a meeting on infrastructure at Trump Tower.
US Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin shows his support for US President Donald Trump on his recent comments about white supremacists and the event in Charlottesville, Virginia. [Image By Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

He then proceeded by sharing that the media is "distracting" Trump's administration which culminates to its inability to fully propose and propagate its agenda. Mnuchin, on his end, has reiterated his department's intention to further simplify its regulation along with tax reform and the upping of job employment among the millions of Americans right at the moment.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]