Trump Twitter Typos: ‘Heel’ Corrected To ‘Heal’ After 3 Tries — Did Hope Hicks Or Trump Tweet The Mistakes?

Paula Mooney - Author

Aug. 19 2017, Updated 4:11 p.m. ET

President Donald Trump got a lesson in how to spell the word “heal,” even if it took him three tries to spell it correctly on Twitter. As seen in the below Twitter screenshots, Trump composed a tweet about protesting being a necessary device to heal a nation that he claims has been divided for decades. However, instead of writing heal, as in the definition that means getting better or healthy, Trump wrote “heel.”

In that context, the word heel brings to mind a dog that heels by remaining still. In professional wrestling terms, “heel” means the bad guy. Or the word heel could mean the heel of a shoe or a person’s heel on his or her foot. Either way, Twitter users are having a good laugh over Trump’s continued spelling mistakes.

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Meanwhile, many wonder if Trump made the Twitter spelling error himself, or if the heel versus heal mistake was typed by an assistant as the tweet was dictated by the president. As reported by the Daily Mail, Hope Hicks sometimes tweets for Trump as he tells her what to write. Trump’s Twitter misspelling caused a bunch of memes to be posted in its wake, with many photos of heels being published on Twitter.

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Others are posting GIFs of Bart Simpson walking in high heels, or other photos that are making fun of Trump’s spelling errors. The tweet was published on Trump’s Twitter account after a big counter-protest took place in Boston on Saturday, August 19. Whereas President Trump may have wanted to place attention on his claim that the “great” country of America has already been divided for decades, the attention was focused on Trump’s “heel” versus “heal” spelling.

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Trump deleted the initial Twitter error, and posted another tweet, as seen above, approximately 30 minutes later. While that change featured the wording “for decade” changed to “for decades,” it still didn’t correct the “heel” error into “heal,” and “heel” was written twice. Once again Merriam-Webster used the opportunity to troll or teach Trump the difference between the words heal, heel, and he’ll, as seen in the below tweet.

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]


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