Josh Duggar Looms Behind Jana Duggar And Twin Before Molestation Scandal In Latest Family Baby Photo

The Duggars have not given a lot of updates on Josh and Anna Duggar’s fifth baby. After the couple announced on the family blog that they will have a baby boy in the fall, they have disappeared from the public eye. Now, the fans are wondering whether Josh’s wife has given birth in secret. To redirect the fans’ attention, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar posted a picture of Josh Duggar when he was just a toddler, standing behind Jana and her twin John David.

This year, the Duggar family has been posting more of throwback photos than the years before. They have made posts to celebrate the birthday of their eldest son, as well as his family members.

With Josh not allowed to make appearances on their new spin-off show, Jill & Jessa Counting On, they also have been using vintage pictures to include him in their social media outreach. But the fans could not help but notice how the cute child would grow up to molest four of his sisters.

“So sad before they knew Josh would be such a creep and victimize future children,” Karen Schreiber Ward wrote in the comment section. “Be careful about what you say about someone else’s child Derick. You never know what you are holding there!”

Another fan commented, “Josh wasn’t a pig yet!”

Jana was able to avoid the fate of getting molested by her oldest brother. Jill and Jessa have come out publicly to talk about it on Fox News and more, but also expressed that they would have liked to have their identity protected, according to Washington Post.

But Jana may face another kind of fate. As the eldest unmarried Duggar girl, she has been doing a lot of work around the house, taking care of her younger siblings as well as some of her nephews and nieces. When Anna Duggar finally gives birth to her fifth baby, there is a good chance that Jana, who has been deemed “Baby Whisperer” before, may have to extend a helping hand.

The last time that Jana Duggar was seen taking care of Meredith, the fourth child of Josh and Anna, the fans started to ask whether she also does household chores for her brother’s wife.

A fan asked, “Are the Dugger family raising Josh and Anna’s children?”

For those, who are not sure whether Anna is due yet, when she announced that she was pregnant, she was able to reveal the gender of the child, which means that she was at least 16 weeks pregnant. Only 22 weeks have passed since then, which means that she may have two more weeks to go before giving birth.

[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Twitter]