‘Married At First Sight’ Update: Cody And Danielle Are Still Married And Seemingly Happier Than Ever

Married at First Sight Season 5 ended with a huge shocker, with all three couples deciding to stay together. Among the three pairs in the latest season of the hit reality TV show, no couple surprised everyone more than Cody and Danielle, who decided to stay together after what appeared to viewers and avid MAFS fans as eight weeks of incompatibility.

During the six-month reunion special, Cody and Danielle continued to surprise everyone by still staying together, despite the fact that the pair still had not consummated their marriage. Since then, the couple has maintained a low profile, keeping away from exclusive interviews. Fortunately, the social media activity of Danielle and Cody does give an idea of what has happened to the pair since the six-month special aired.

From what could be determined from the posts of both Cody and Danielle, it definitely appears that the pair is still together, and they actually seem pretty happy.

It doesn’t look like either of the two are just trolling with their social media followers, either. Cody’s Instagram account, for one, is extremely private, and it is still filled with photos and videos that are related to his life with Danielle.

Just recently, Cody uploaded a photo of himself wearing a ridiculous bear shirt. Almost immediately after the reality TV star uploaded the photo, Danielle quickly responded to her MAFS pair, stating that she had a similar bear shirt as well. Cody’s followers, of course, noticed the hint, asking the Married at First Sight star for confirmation over his marriage to Danielle. Being as elusive as ever, however, Cody avoided answering his followers’ questions directly.

The same could be said of Danielle’s personal, non-MAFS-affiliated Instagram account. While her profile is not as private as her husband’s, she does still post constant updates about her day-to-day activities. In a lot of her recent uploads, Cody was featured prominently. The dietitian even posted a special shout-out to Cody on August 7, congratulating her fellow Married at First Sight star for their one-year anniversary. Danielle’s post, of course, has been received warmly by her more than 60,000 followers, with many extending their congratulations to the reality TV stars.

“Happy Anniversary guys. So excited that you bet the odds and decided to make it work. It’s not always about what’s on the outside. The fact that you guys decided to take your time to know each other and work through it all speaks volumes,” one commenter wrote.

Oh, and Cody is still wearing that infamous white belt. While the two MAFS stars have seemingly remained together, Cody has still managed to hold on to his old-school white belt. Now that’s real love on Danielle’s part.

For now, at least, Danielle and Cody still appear to be together, and if their recent social media activity is any indication, it definitely seems like both are happier than ever.

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