‘Married At First Sight’ Season 5: Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Cody And Danielle Still Together?

Married at First Sight Season 5 set records by ending with all three couples deciding to stay together. Among the three pairs that were featured on the show, no couple surprised viewers and avid fans more than Cody Knapek and Danielle DeGroot, who caught everyone off guard by deciding to stay married to each other.

During the six-month reunion special that recently aired last Thursday, the pair was still together, though both Cody and Danielle admitted that they still had not consummated their marriage. Discussing the six-month special, many MAFS fans in online forums such as Reddit were at a loss. Despite being seemingly incompatible, what was making Cody and Danielle stay together?

A clue to the dynamic of the couple might be found on the way Cody and Danielle interacted with their followers on Twitter. During the course of Married at First Sight Season 5, Cody and Danielle were practically portrayed as one-dimensional individuals, with the former usually depicted as whiny and the latter being portrayed as someone who was just not attracted to her spouse.

On Twitter, however, Cody and Danielle showed a dynamic that was rarely seen on the hit reality TV show. They would exchange witty banter, respond to commenters in the same thread, and even back each other up when a user of the microblogging platform went too far in their criticisms. Even after the six-month special aired, their interactions on Twitter were still consistent.

Until now, Cody and Danielle interact with viewers and fans using their MAFS Twitter handles. As noted by avid fans of the hit reality TV show, however, Danielle’s personal Instagram account, @dietitiangonewild, might hold the real answers if she and Cody are still married.

Thankfully, a recent post in Danielle’s Instagram account seems to confirm that she and Cody are still very much together. Uploaded less than 12 hours ago, a brief video clip showed her husband and one of her dogs grooving to Charlie XCX’s “Boys.” Considering that the song was just released this past July 26, there is a very good chance that the two reality TV stars are still in a relationship until the present day.

So what’s really keeping Cody and Danielle together? Since the two MAFS stars revealed that they had not consummated their marriage yet in the recently aired six-month special, many fans have stated that there must be something really special that is keeping the two together. If any, it appears that Cody’s statement about wanting to start as friends is serving him well, as shown in a recent tweet that he posted. Defying all expectations, it seems like Cody’s unorthodox approach to marriage is strangely working for him.

“Hey, when I started, I said I wanted to be married to my best friend.”

Danielle, for her part, has been consistently uploading photos of herself and Cody on her personal Instagram account. While she posts solo pics every so often, she has made it a point to always include Cody in her uploads. Overall, contrary to the way they have been depicted on the show, the two reality TV stars look quite happy and content. As far as off-screen reality TV stars go, that is just about as much confirmation viewers and avid Married at First Sight fans can get.

For now, here’s Cody and Danielle’s dog dancing to Charlie XCX’s “Boys.”

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