‘Married At First Sight’ Decision Day Results: ‘MAFS’ Season 5 Sets New Record, Defies All Expectations

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

No one ever saw it coming. For the first time in Married at First Sight history, all three couples decided to stay together. That’s right, Anthony and Ashley, Nate and Sheila, and even Danielle and Cody, two people who seemed completely incompatible with each other, decided to stay married.

The results of MAFS Season 5 Decision Day were so surprising, even one of the experts on the show, Rachel DeAlto, could not help but tear up. The MAFS Twitterverse, anticipating two possible marriages and one divorce, were also effectively blown away. Amidst all the petty, sometimes nasty fights and the awkward moments between a couple that seemed to have absolutely no desire to be with each other, the contestants of the hit reality TV show defied all expectation, as noted by viewers and fans of the show in online forums such as Reddit. Here is a brief recap of what transpired during Married at First Sight Season 5’s Decision Day.

Anthony And Ashley

True to form, Anthony and Ashley decided to keep their marriage. Over the past few weeks, these two have all but proven that they could function as a cohesive, married unit. Even their worst fights are still quite tame compared to other couples, like Nate and Sheila. While the results were unsurprising to most viewers, the way that Anthony and Ashley said yes to their marriage proved to be a tear-jerking moment.

For the first time in their eight weeks together, Anthony finally told Ashley that he loved her. Needless to say, MAFS fans could not help but swoon at how sweet the moment was. Even Rachel DeAlto, one of the show’s experts, cried a little.

Danielle And Cody

Since getting back from their honeymoon, these two have not demonstrated one iota of chemistry. They had many awkward moments, and there were times when Danielle seemed downright disgusted by her husband’s lack of “manliness.” Cody, for his part, just continued whining about the lack of intimacy in their relationship. Heading into Decision Day, it seemed like both were ready to file for divorce. Only they didn’t. Instead, both Cody and Danielle decided to stay married.

The couple’s final decision became the biggest shocker to viewers and avid fans of Married at First Sight, particularly as it seemed inevitable that the couple would separate from each other. Despite the surprise, MAFS followers on Twitter have reacted very positively to the pair’s decision, with many lauding Danielle and Cody for defying all expectations.

Nate And Sheila

Among all the couples this season, Nate and Sheila probably experienced the best highs. At the same time, the pair also experienced the worst lows. Their intimate moments were amazing, but at the same time, their fights were extremely volatile. Heading into Decision Day, it seemed like Nate and Sheila could go either way. Just like the two couples before them, however, the pair decided to stay married.

True to form, their pledges to each other as they confirmed their dedication to one another were extremely sweet, with Sheila telling Nate that she wanted to be his wife as until the day she dies. As for Nate, he had the perfect response.

“You’re trapped, baby. I ain’t going nowhere,” Nate said.

While all three couples decided to stay together at Decision Day, the real results of the social experiment would be determined next week, when Married at First Sight Season 5 airs its Reunion Special. The MAFS Season 5 Reunion Special will air next Thursday on Lifetime.

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