‘Married At First Sight:’ Cody Describes ‘MAFS’ As ‘Absolute Worst Decision’ After Fan Accuses Him Of Abuse

It seems that Cody Knapek’s penitence in social media is not over yet. After opening up to Married at First Sight fans on Twitter about his grievances about the way it has portrayed him, Cody has found himself in a new deluge of internet abuse, with some vocal critics even accusing him of taking advantage of Danielle by withholding sex and being manipulative.

Cody particularly took offense in the fact that the producers of Married at First Sight opted to utilize the death of a family member as a plot device on the show. Considering that the MAFS contestant felt somewhat exploited by the editing of the show, many of his followers in the microblogging platform voiced their support. Some, however, continued to bash on Cody, with one particularly passionate MAFS fan alleging that he is downright abusing his wife.

“What kind of husband withholds sex from his wife? What kind of husband makes his wife feel unloved and unattractive? A bad one like you.

“That’s a form of abuse. It’s called control. He’s being manipulative, not respectful. He told everyone at the table he didn’t have sex yet.”

This particular idea has been echoed by other members of the Twitterverse, and soon, Cody found himself the target of ridicule and cyber bullying once more. Eventually, the MAFS star had to throw up his hands in frustration, responding to this new wave of criticism.

“You guys are gonna give me a damn stroke. I can’t with this.”

Despite Cody’s statements and explanations, however, his most vocal critics refused to back down. The name-calling continued, the insults escalated, and soon, the MAFS contestant had enough. Cody, who previously displayed great humor on Twitter, finally broke. In a short statement, Cody stated that joining Married at First Sight has been his worst decision to date.

“Doing Married at First Sight has been the absolute worst decision I have ever made in my life. #BeatDown”

Fortunately for the MAFS star, numerous Twitter users and fellow Married at First Sight contestants have rallied behind Cody. Even Danielle, Cody’s estranged wife on the hit reality TV show, has encouraged her husband to hang on.

Since posting this last update, Cody seems to have taken the advice of his supporters, many of whom stated that he would be better off staying away from social media for the meantime. In a lot of ways, his supporters’ advice is sound, considering that Cody’s cyberbullying experience has been escalating as of late.

Married at First Sight airs on the Lifetime channel every Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST.

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