‘Married At First Sight:’ Cody Blasts ‘MAFS’ Over Portrayal On TV, Finds No Humor In Being ‘Joke Of America’

It’s no secret that in the current season of Married at First Sight, Cody and Danielle are the ones with the least chemistry. Since having a pretty great post-wedding encounter, the two have proven to be horribly incompatible with each other, with the pair yet to consummate their relationship. Considering that the main reason behind the lack of intimacy in their marriage is the fact that Danielle consistently finds Cody not manly or assertive enough, it is no surprise that the latter has practically become a joke in the MAFS fan community.

Not that Cody is laughing with the fans. Well, not anymore, anyway. Being an active user of Twitter, Cody usually laughs it out with his followers on the micro-blogging platform, even poking fun at himself most of the time. This week, however, Cody appears to have reached the end of his rope, as it seems that Lifetime has finally crossed a line.

The recently aired episode featured the first time that all six Married at First Sight contestants actually met each other. In a segment featuring the three newly married husbands on the show, Cody admitted to Nate and Anthony that he and Danielle had not consummated their relationship yet, according to an In Touch Weekly report. This, of course, caused a notable reaction from the other two, and Nate’s facial expression after Cody’s statement had become meme-worthy since.

At the end of the episode, Cody and Danielle’s relationship simply looked hopeless, with Danielle seemingly even more disgusted at her husband’s lack of “manliness,” and Cody apparently giving up altogether. After the show aired on Lifetime, however, Cody opened up to his fans on Twitter about the recently aired episode. Needless to say, his posts and his responses to his followers have been pretty eye-opening.

For one, Cody aired his frustrations about the editing of the recent MAFS episode, particularly on how it poked fun at the fact that he and his wife are yet to be intimate. Responding to a Twitter user who reposted Nate’s meme-worthy reaction, Cody expressed his disappointment at his overall portrayal.

“Nothing like waking up and being the joke of America. #FML”

One thing that many viewers and avid fans of the show noticed is the fact that practically all Cody talks about in the show was sex, or specifically, the lack of sex in his marriage. As Cody admitted on Twitter, however, it was the producers of Married at First Sight who encouraged him and Danielle to speak about their intimacy or lack thereof.

“We were forced to talk about it 4 to 5 times a day.”

While Cody’s composure in Twitter is usually pretty solid, the Married at First Sight star seemed to have gotten quite frustrated this time around. Responding further to comments, Cody dropped a tidbit of information that has surprised a lot of his followers.

“We didn’t get paid to do this.”

For Cody, however, the straw that seemed to have broken the camel’s back was not the fact that he has evolved into the reality TV show’s running joke. Instead, it was the fact that the producers used the death of a close family member as a cliffhanger for the episode.

“I’m really not cool with #MarriedAtFirstSight using the death of my family member as a cliffhanger.”

Since opening up on Twitter, Cody has been showered with much encouragement from both his followers and his fellow MAFS contestants. Even Danielle, who is practically ice-cold to Cody on the show, defended her husband against a critic who alleged that Cody was just immature.

Married at First Sight airs on the Lifetime channel every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.

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